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Evening Anxiety - Why is it worse at night?

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Hello everyone -

Just wanted to throw out my experiences with anxiety worsening in the evening. Lately I've been travelling okay throughout the day, but at night I start experiencing those terrible physical anxiety symptoms. I really like being able to curl up in bed and have some relaxation time at the end of the day, so this increased anxiety in the evening is really throwing me.

Does anyone else find that anxiety worsens in the evening/before bed? Any advice on how to deal with this?

I hope you're all well and coping okay. ❤️
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Hi soulsickness,

I know all too well about anxiety in the evening, I could be having a great day and then anxiety comes across me like a wave. My anxiety makes me quite tired so I find sleeping really helps me but I also try to relax as much as possible which it sounds like you do as well. I actually try to listen to motivational clips on youtube to put me at ease. I find it helps sometimes.

My best for you,


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Hi Soulsickness,

I feel your pain, do you live alone? I do live alone and have always been so comfortable in that. When my anxiety is peaking I struggle at night also. I find that if i plan what i am going to cook for dinner and get excited about that heading home in the quiet space is less intimidating. I get home and start cooking and i feel a lot better. I still struggle with sleep though. I try meditation and that helps. Lately i have been using reading and the sleep music on spotify to help me relax. I find myself repeating when drifting off to sleep, 'i am safe, i am safe, i am safe. This concerns me a little that i have to do that but it is just where i am at.

I hope you can find something that settles you. Know you are not alone, we are all in the same rocky boat here.

lots of love


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I get evening anxiety as well. It's usually when I'm not doing much at night. I try to keep occupied even at night and make a routine of going to bed early - 9:30pm, to be exact. By going to bed early, it means the night finishes early and I don't have to deal with anxiety for long periods.

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I have the same problem. I moved out of my parents home 12 months ago (which is when my anxiety started).

As soon as the sun starts going down my anxiety starts, even though I'm fine all day and happy as can be. Its a pain in winter, as my anxiety can start from 4.30.. at least in summer I was fine till about 7pm. Its not even the worrying thoughts that bother me, its just the physical jittery feeling (which I hate!!). I watch TV, read, all things I enjoy but it just doesn't stop.

I usually go to bed an hour early and read, and that's fine.. still feel the effects but it doesn't stop me going to sleep. And I sleep perfectly fine, wake up happy the next morning.. SO frustrating as there's nothing in my life that should be causing me anxiety. I have a great life except for the anxiety.

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I have exactly the same problem with night time anxiety. As soon as the sun sets there it is like clockwork. It’s obviously insecurity but not sure why. I was on anti depressants before but have come off it some months ago. I’m waiting to see if it improves in summer especially with daylight saving time. I have always suffered from sad seasonal affective depression so not sure if the anxiety is connected. I am considering buying a 10,000 lux blue light from overseas as there are good reports on the success on sad from sitting under the light for a few hours each day.

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At night my anxiety is the worst. Especially when I should be sleeping, I think of all the worst things.

it's hard because my boyfriend just doesn't understand. I've seen so many doctors to try to get help but gp's just tell me 'I dont look depressed/anxious"

I usually just ride the negative thoughts out until morning and start the day again.