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Does anxiety attract other forms of anxiety ? Is it contagious ?

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You don't have to seek being anxious.  It just appears.   Is this because anxiety attracts other forms of anxiety ?  Or are anxious people more aware of other anxious triggers ?  Kind of like one of those comical movies "Stop the world I want to get off".

Recently I've nearly been almost run over walking my dog whilst crossing lights legally, been abused by another dog owner for keeping his animal safe from severe mistreatment, lost it with the Post Office for not photocopying my Birth Certificate when applying for a Passport (which led to multiple delays), shouted at a dental assistant for arranging dental work for me through my wife and not confirming my appointment with me but trying to invoice me for not turning up (even though I had no idea about the appt),  cursed my demanding mother in law for wanting me to drop everything and come over to shift a fridge when I was halfway through composing a big band chart for work that night and even had a 4 month ongoing battle with Medicare because they seem unable to renew my card and sometimes send the right card to the wrong address (and old place).

Or am I just a cranky bastard having recently turned 50 ?  Actually reading this thread back, maybe I'm quite normal.

Adios, David.

PS  I heard that, mods. Lol. 

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Dear BB,

Maybe anxiety should be called "The Snitch".  It's the same deal - getting information before it's been acted on and then getting sucked into more anxiety.

Adios, David.

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As I was reading your post I was thinking: "Wow, what a cranky bastard!". Then I got to the bit about the mother-in-law. No one should have to still put up with a mother-in-law at 50. Modern medicine has a lot to answer for. You are doing remarkably well.

Anxiety and mother-in-laws have a lot in common.

* They can cause nausea, headaches, and fatigue.

* They often rear their ugly head at the worst time and are difficult to get rid of.

* They are resistant to rational thought.

* Avoidance strategies can be a tempting coping mechanism but this often makes them more aggressive.

* They can lead to drug and and alcohol addiction.

* They can have a negative effect on your relationship with your partner.

* They are a barrier to living a happy life.

* Chronic sufferers have to live with them on a daily basis.

* With the help of a professional they can disappear.