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Brisbane weather

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Community Champion

I am writing to you from Brisbane. Know that I am safe but I know many who have been flooded or near to being flooded. The worst part right now is knowing when it will end. There are moments when the rain softens and then comes down harder than before. And all we can do is to wait it out. My kids and wife are watching different video streams. Guess that is there way of coping.

I just wanted to get the thoughts out.

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Community Champion

Hi Smallwolf,

My brother has been looking for a home in Queensland and has been up their now since late December...he is traveling in a van with his fur boy....

He has been stuck in a caravan park now for over 2 weeks, because of the rain in the area he is in....He has found his house but unable to move into it due to the floods and council searches....He is doing it hard atm...everything in his van is damp or wet including him and his dog...They are both miserable but so far safe...

My heart really does go out to all those living in the flooded areas....and the areas effected by the heavy non stop rain...

Please stay as safe as you can Smallwolf and everyone in those areas...🤗.

Hugs dear Smallwolf...


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Community Champion

I hope everything calms down over there. It must be so scary dealing with that.

Sending my love and hope to Brisbane.

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the heaviness of the rain and the constancy is unbelievable - there is no let up ;(

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Community Champion

Hi small wolf,

Thanks for letting us know you are safe.

Sending you positive thoughts I hope things improve there soon.

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Community Champion

Hey Smallwolf,

Glad to know that you're all safe. Natural disasters can be terrifying. I remember some years ago we had flash flooding here, which didn't last for too long fortunately, but even on this mild scale it scared me so much.

Sending my love to your family and everyone else in Queensland who's currently experiencing this.


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Smallwolf, you & I are closer than I thought! I'm suburban area, safe enough here. but I am having some stress, with memories of 1974. I was a child then, but remember how we lost every thing we had. & a cat.

I keep thinking there are people driving out there, many of whom don't need to be out there.

Last Thursday, I had asked my carer to take me out for a while, but I said, I wouldn't want us on the road if it was raining as heavily as predicted. It did hold off while out Thursday, but, as you know, we got buckets.

I know some places will be flooded as they were last time.

I just think, it hasn't rained like this since I don't know. I don't think it rained like this in 1974. I don't recall the sky being so dark, the clouds so thick, & the rain so consistantly heavy.

I can't watch the news.

I am glad I got some food delivered on the Tuesday before. I don't need things from the Pharmacist, & I don't have any appointments this week.

I did look at the BOM website. It's supposed to get better tomorrow, not gone, just not so much. I can't see the radar map or anything like that.

Coastal regions often have more than in Brisbane metro areas. It is so widespread, north past Gympie, & down to south, over the border, I'd seen the other night. & out as far as Toowoomba.

It really has been quite unsetling for me, even though I am safe.

I'm hopeful we have had the worst of this weather & it will be better, soon.

Stay safe, & please don't drive through on roads covered with flood water. That water can be moving with quite a bit of force & pull vehicles...& you also don't know what might be beneath the surface, all sorts of stuff.

Mo sight-seeing either! Those cool photos aren't worth the risk.

I worry about people out there. You too.


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Community Champion

To Everyone,

thank you for your replies and kinds words. It means a lot.

To Kitty,

I hope you are OK at this moment. It odd to see the sun today. But as I write this it is more cloudy.

And we know the weather event has really just moved south and over the border. My wife used to live just outside of Lismore and it is getting smacked at the moment.

We have not been out to take pictures. You are right that it is not worth while to take that risk.

And if you want to chat here ... or I will look for your thread.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Wolfie, 😸(hope you don't mind, 'Wolfie' - I often think 'Wolfie' when I think of you, & if I use this space for some venting).

I am okay. My anxiety level was fairly low. I was concerned it would go up if I was to watch the news, even a little, & if I watch all the time, it goes up a lot. I know this happens for some big world events or 'too close to home for comfort' events. I think it is because things are happening, which I have no control over, or am unable to help in any meaningful way, & then other emotions get stirred to unhealthy levels. So, I can't watch anymore.

I saw some this morning, & they are warning that though the high tide this morning contributed, has passd, but will again cause flood water to rise again with the next high tide. & yes, there is still some more rain to come.

Northern NSW will now be copping it. I once thought Lismore might be a nice place to live, but used to hear how often there was local flooding. That put me off the idea.

I had a call from the business that my 2nd helper works for, & she is not able to come to my place because of flooded roads. She is the home helper, so my floors will be grubby, & I will have to push myself to keep up with other chores. It will be difficult, & I will end up feeling more pain, but, I will also get through it. & it'll make me grumpy, too!

My other helper has not phoned me, so I will. Since she lives further away now, I am expecting she won't be able to drive through to my place, especially as more rain is still expected. Her 'she'll be right' attitude worries me, thinking she would drive through flooded sections of road, anyway.

I can't make choices for her, but maybe I can dissuade her with a little lie, this time. Not sure what sort of lie, because. if I say I'm sick, she might get the idea I might have COVID, & I wouldn't want her to think that. 😸I'm not good at lying. For now, I am sure she will say to let it go for now, & see what things are like come Thursday .

I don't want to encourage the thoughts quietly simmering back there. This time I'm not talking about them for that reason. For one, I can call my sis, & hope she is okay, & if so I will be reassured. Some thoughts can be put to rest then. However, if she is not, then there is nothing I can do from here, anyway. That's why I haven't phoned her, yet.

Thanks again, Wolfie. You are a treasure, a 💎& a 🌟,


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello smallwolf and mmMekitty,

I've seen the photos on the news and it looks really scary and stressful, but I'm glad you were both okay. I hope you can now get some time to de-stress and take some time to reset a bit. It's still scary having people we know in the new danger zones, but hopefully the bad weather starts to let up as it moves and doesn't cause as much destruction.

Take care for now