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Anxiety, how l eliminated it

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Its a very common topic on this forum, anxiety and its long list of symptoms.

I grew up in a highly strung household. Screams without notice and unreachable expectations...took their toll.

So when a major workplace event came along at 27yo my anxiety came to roost. Its peak was reached. I visited my GP and therapy commenced and lasted 12 months.

My therapist identified l needed the following-

Awareness of the severity of my anxiety

Reprogramming of my thoughts like thinking realistic thoughts

Stop worrying

Learning relaxation

Rehabilitated into a diffetent profession.

He was correct. Add to that, medication for 12 years to "help me on my way"

My change of career went from local law enforcement (where it was full of controversy) to a supervisor of adults with mental illness difficulties in a sheltered workshop.

Some years later a friend told me about Maharaji Prem Rawat and copied tapes of his speeches. My relaxation up till now was using muscle tensioning exercises at night, now l also listen to this fabulous man. Later I'd google his youtube videoes.

Maharaji sunset

Maharaji the perfect instrument.

And many more.

So what other measures?. Well l began to rid my life of toxic people, change my environment to the country, grow vitamin packed vegetables and fruit, revamp finances and utilise direct debit (less bills in the mail, less surprises) and increased my positive thinking by attending motivation lectures.

By 2012 my anxiety was no longer measurable. Yes 25 years. Do readers think it would only take a short time? Likely yes, because l did.

Like other ailments, a pill alone isnt enough, relaxation alone not enough and so on. Its the combination of many things that was most effective for me.

Undertaking a review of all facets of your life is essential for recovery. And dont be alarmed if you try something and it doesnt work. Eg Cognitive therapy didnt work for me but l read here that some have had success.

As it turned out in 2009 it was discovered l had bipolar2 depression and dysthymia. The same personal approach was made. Never give up, review my environment, review friendships, lower stress, lower debt, have a 5 and 10 year plan for goals etc

Sometimes subtle changes are needed like introducing a sport or hobby, sometimes radical ideas like relocating or career change. Whatever is needed put all options on the table.

Anxiety the mental illness deserves nothing less than your full attention.

What works for you.?

Tony WK

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I grew up in a dysfunctional family with a depressive mother who i looked after since i was 6 years old. As you say years later it comes back to bite although i have been up and down since i was 18. Trying different things but some days worse than others

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Great post, thank you!

This is only a recent battle for me, I think I have had a couple of episodes in the past but really the last 6-9 months is when it has all started. I am reading as much as I can and trying to become a lot more aware of what is affecting me and when I feel best/worst. I am very much still working on this combination but the following have helped me:

-Spending more time with family and close friends who won't judge you and you can be honest with rather than having superficial conversations.

-Open up to people around you for support, rather than just saying "good thanks" when people ask how you are. You don't have to always say the extent to which you are struggling but even just a bit more honesty feels good

-Spending time with my nieces & nephews and my pets. It's hard to beat that kind of pure love and happiness when you are feeling down

-Yoga, only started in december and I have barely missed a class since. Makes me feel calm and strong.

-Hypnotherapy, this has helped as she really helped to look at the overall by incorporating some counselling, meditation, using a journal to track emotions/water/sleep/exercise/sugar & caffeine intake. Also suggesting some small coping mechanisms such as tapping, some calming drops to take when feeling stressed etc.

-Fitbit, after using a journal to track sleep/exercise/water I found a basic fitbit was a more effective way to capture all of these things

-Exercise, walking is great for me. I also bought some cheap boxing gloves and a speedball - amazing for days for it all just feels too much and you want to punch something

-Diet, I am not the healthiest person by any stretch and I have a sweet tooth but even I can notice how much better I feel from cutting down on sugar and caffeine. 85% dark chocolate is my guilty pleasure at the moment and there is almost no sugar compared to milk chocolate. Staying hydrated really helps too.

I think the most frustrating things is some days you feel like it's all worth it and you can see the progress (today is one of those days for me) but other days maybe you don't have enough sleep and it all goes bad.

I have just discussed the calm app and think that is really worth a look for anyone wanting help to sleep or with meditation.

Hopefully some of the above will help others and we can all have more good days than bad 🙂

white knight
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Community Champion

Hi Ruby,

Thankyou for such a detailed response. I am a chocolate fan as well. We eat no sugar chocolate actually, more expensive though but anything desirable is lol.

I find that if I don't have my fixes I get moody. So the balance of eating, dieting is crucial to happiness.

I find over many years to limit my talking to some loved ones about mental illness. My best mate will NEVEr understand it yet he is a best friend.

Topic: they just wont understand, why?- beyondblue

as for the ones that are toxic

Topic: fortress of survival- beyondblue

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I find guidance to be important in a logical sense and even spiritual one.

Topic: Maharaji, I've been following him for 25 years- beyondblue

That man (real name Prem Rawat) is on youtube and he is sensational about his teachings.

YouTube maharaji sunset

Again thankyou for posting here. I'm sure your recommendations will be read as we get over 100,000 readers per month


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Hi Tony,

I was brought up in a 'duck and cover' household and at 45yrs old it came back to bite me. My brother, sister and I have all been separately diagnosed with CPTSD and all have issues with depression.

I've been looking for advice on controlling/embracing my anxiety when it hits and know there's no 'quick fix', but your post has given me some avenues to explore.

Thank you

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
I’m getting a lot out of reading this thread Tony so thank you for starting it. Would you kindly tell me your thoughts (some at least) on Maharaji Prem Rawat and what you get out of listening to his talks. I’m also interested to hear the thoughts of anyone else who has listened to Maharaji Prem Rawat. Thank you 🙏😊

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

One thought leads to another, and from reading these posts today I have been reminded about saying my preferred affirmation for the day. So over and over and over today I have said to myself, out loud when I can, “I am relaxed and calm and managing really well” and I have actually had a better day 😁 I live alone so my poor little four legged friend is quite confused I think, wondering who I’m talking to. 😆

Here are some affirmations I found on-line that might help some of you out there. 😉

1. I am cool, calm, and collected.
2. This is only temporary.
3. Every breath I inhale calms me and every breath I exhale takes away tension.
4. I am not my thoughts and feelings, and they don’t have to bring me down.
5. Every cell in my body is relaxed and oozes calmness.
6. Smile, breathe, and go slowly.
7. I love myself deeply and unconditionally
8. Within me is a peacefulness that cannot be disturbed.
9. I transcend stress of any kind. I live in peace.
10. Breathing in I calm my body, breathing out I smile.
11. All is well in my world and I am safe.
12. This too shall pass and I can stand this.
13. With every breath, I release the anxiety within me and I become more and more calm.
14. Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.
15. I overcome my fear of anything and everything and live life courageously.
16. I acknowledge that the only constant in life is change and I am prepared for it.
17. I am free of anxiety and will continue to be so.
18. I act the way I want to feel.


you are right on track. Saying such things to yourself does help.

Maharaji history. He was 9yo when at a funeral at his village he stood on a fence and told everyone to stop crying but to celebrate the elders life. At 13yo he was on Indian TV. He flies around the world teaching other how to find inner peace. Its all so logical people dont get it initially.

For me his teachings filled a void. I'd read the bible twice but I just didnt believe most of it however the guide of it impressed me. I needed a non religious spiritual master that would lead me to inner peace.

Anxiety and other illnesses require many approaches for recovery or part thereof. Listening to a youtube of Maharaji while doing muscle tension exercises is wonderful and effective.

A few other threads to google are

Topic: 30 minutes can change your life- beyondblue

Topic: motivation search and rescue it- beyondblue

I also like

Maharaji the perfect instrument

It helps me appreciate

Tony WK

Hi. I have found that I get down on myself when things don't go well and tend to dwell on things and think negatively. This is tending to make me not enjoy things I usually enjoy. Any tips for overcoming negative thinking would be greatly appreciated

Hello Chris

I have a tendency to think negatively too, so I understand what you are saying. Can I suggest you google ‘affirmations for negative thinking’ ? There are lots to choose from or you can make up one to suit yourself. Say it to yourself silently or out loud as often as you can through the day. I’m sure you’ll find it helpful. All the best to you

Hi Chris, welcome

You just asking for ways to change from negative thinking to positive is a master stroke, because you recognize there is a better way to live. This happened to me in 1982 at 26yo. Coming from a negative all critical family I was told by a few friends that I should change how I am.

Dwelling was a big part of who I was. There are a number of ways to minimalise dwelling like- keeping ultra busy, as soon as you drop and start thinking, get up and do something. Boredom and dwelling are cousins!. Attend motivation speaking. Listen to successful people. Look at the positive in everything you do and what happens.

There is one exception, when someone passes away. Apart from those that suffer and we say "he/she is no longer in pain" the event of death has no sense to it and it is hard to find any positives. But everything else seems there is a positive.

Once you change your perceptions you will then recognize a negative person immediately when they speak. They talk in that way, they focus on the bad things and they are not motivated. They will also bring you down as they seek friends that will agree with them. I never do, I wont unravel all my determination and go backwards.

Chris, I have a list of threads below. These threads are on dwelling and positivity. You need only read the first post of each thread unless you are eager. I have written about 230 or so on this site and these are on those topics. Use google.

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Repost anytime