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Should i move back to my old school?

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about a year ago i moved from the school i had grown up in, with the people i have grown grown up with, and i decided to move schools because the other school just seemed better for my education, as it is private, it was really good for that year i wasn’t regretting moving or anything, i thought it was the god school, i’ve slowly been thinking about how the “friends” i’ve made at my new school aren’t anything like the ones at my old school, and teachers everything, at my old school i could have my nose pierced without being told to take it out, i had freedom. obviously no one likes school but since i’ve woken up from these rose tinted glasses i’ve been dreading the idea of getting up and having to go, and just thinking what if i went to my old school, wishing i did. and i actually met my boyfriend at my new school and he could move to my old school with me maybe, it’s like why don’t i move back, better friends, better everything but i don’t know what people will say like oh she’s moved back to the cheap school, but the cheap school was home to me and i don’t know what to do, a lot of lost family drama happened as i decided to suddenly move and i think that was my way of “escaping”everything, i just don’t know.

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Community Champion

hello and welcome.


the grass always seems greener on the other side. You were able to move to  new school and it sounds like it was good to you as it seemed? I can understand wanting to show a little of your personality with piercings (example), but I wonder what the other differences are that make you want to go back to your old school. 


As much as I don't really know much about the cheaper school (as you put it), one thing that I can say is that in years to come... say, after you have finished school, and starting study or work, people won't really care which school you went to. At the same time, in the moment when you are at school, this is a big deal. 


Listening.. if you want to continue the chat.