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this has been going on and off before but lately my mental health has been really bad my mood changes severely and it happens multiple times a day for example in one day ill go from feeling numb and depressed to being super hyper, energetic, doing risky stuff I normally wouldn't, too angry, irritable and having intrusive thoughts and then ill be fine but it always starts up again. IM SICK AND TIRED bcuz everytime I've seen a doctor to talk about my mental health they've never properly looked into it and have just brushed it aside saying that I need to do more sport or do something like fix my diet. I already do these things and I do whatever the doctor tells me to do but no matter what my mental health never rlly gets better. Also my parents r no help bcuz my mum always just tells the doctor what she thinks and makes up stuff and she constantly invalidates me. Anyways I'm at the point where I really think I need to get my problem sorted cos I don't think I can constantly live like this.
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Community Champion

Dear lbugperson234~

Welcome to the Forum. I can see that your constant changes of mood would make life very difficult indeed and without a specific cause to point to cause a lot of anxiety too, after all it is a most unusual way to be and as you already know does need investigating properly.

Can I offer a couple of suggestions?

In the short term being able to talk or web-chat with someone that understands can be a real comfort, Kids Help Line (1800 55 1800) will allow you to contact them more than once and are very experienced and realistic.


The second thing is to get your GP to understand how much this is affecting you life, so they get the idea some form of action, rather than just giving generic advice, is needed. To do this I guess having your mother with you is very counter-productive and realy you need a one-to-one with the doctor by yourself. Persuading her might be difficult, but if you can get your doctor on side it should be doable. Maybe she can come in later

So how do you let your doctor get a true picture? I found I was not able to explain face to face many times -and that was with no third party there. My solution was to take a few days before a pre-booked long consultation and write out in point form all that was happening to me. This can take a fair bit of effort and I had to summarize, otherwise it would have been as long as a daily journal.

This worked well, I had time to make sure everything was included beforehand, and the doctor had a listing to work from. I ended up just answering questions or expanding on what I"d written.

I guess you could put at the top of the list you needed to speak to the doctor alone.

Then see what happens, hopefully the doctor will take it all seriously and try to deal with the whole problem.

Would you like to come back and talk some more about this?