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Not feeling understood by the people around me

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Is there any in-person discussion group for people who had suicidal thoughts? 

I am feeling a bit better right now and hope I'll have the courage to mention it to a friend later today. But I also feel like talking to someone who, at some point, had the same thoughts as me. I wanna feel more understood. I am scared mentioning it to people around me but I feel ready to say it out loud.



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Community Champion
Community Champion

hello and welcome.


firstly, I am sorry for the delay in replying to you. I don't really know (off the top of my head) any groups like this.  It can be hard to tell some people about this, especially when you don't know how they might react. And at the same time, you want people to know. Crazy as thing might sound, your posting here might also (sort of) helpful to you as there are the many people in the forums that have these thoughts. Ding! I'm one.  And the responses here are nice from people who understand.


Out of curiosity... did you tell your friend? Did it go OK?


I'm listening if you want to chat some more. 



Thanks for your reply. Haven't told my friend yet as we were interrupted while talking. I hope I'll have the courage at another occasion. 🙂

Community Champion
Community Champion

if you want to....  you could talk here about not feeling understood. I'm listening...