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New here, feel like I'm trapped in my head

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Hi everyone I'm new here, I am 13 years old and I suffer from Anxiety, and more recently feelings of depression.

I have had anxiety ever since I can remember. I struggled to go to school, socialise with other kids, and I had a huge fear of technology.(makeing this pretty hard) I have always felt stuck and imprisoned in my head and like there's no escape.

I have been to see a number of different people to get help for my anxiety with limited success. I don't understand why I get anxious. I live in a stable and loving home, have an amazing family and go to a great school.

i have always felt different and separated from everyone around me. I feel older then all my school friends and feel that I belong in another time period because I am different from people my age. For example I really don't like social media.

Resently my anxiety has been worse. I feel anxious almost all the time, sometimes I don't even have a thought or know why I'm anxious I just have this anxious feeling. Does anyone else get this?

Since discovering beyond blue, I have realised that there are so many others out there that feel like me. I hope thought this forum I learn some new ways to manage my anxiety and that there is a solution for anxiety.

Thank you. Any advise or tips would be appreciated

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Hi Amelie!

Welcome to the forums and congratulations on joining! It can be very difficult to do something like this and reach out, so well done 🙂

I'm sorry to hear your anxiety has been getting worse recently. I completely relate to how you are feeling - feeling trapped inside your head, being different and seperate from people around you, feeling anxious for no apparent reason, and unfortunately so do many other people here. But the beauty of it is that we are all able to come together to support each other and give advice from personal experience!

It's great you've been to see a number of people to help, are you seeing someone at the moment? Sometime it can take a few tries to find a person who clicks and is able to help you, but it's definitely worth it if you can!

There are many threads where you'll be able to find some tips and advice for managing your anxiety, and lots of general information around the whole Beyond Blue website. So have a browse, particularly in the Anxiety and Young People sections as they seem most relevant to you. There is a pinned thread in the Anxiety sections which I think is called 'Self help tips for managing anxiety' (or something along those lines) where you might be able to find a few really useful tips. You may have seen it already if you've looked around.

I hope you are okay and that I've helped you in some way. You are not alone, and everyone here is always ready to help and listen if there is ever something worrying you or when you'd like some help!

Take care! :)​​

Thanks ahw309

It's really great to know that there are other people out there who feel the same way and who want to help!

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Champion Alumni

Hello Amelie1234

You have great courage to post and welcome too!

I am really sincerely sorry for what you have been going through especially at such a young age.

I have had anxiety for many years and have 'recovered' from most of it after seeing my really good GP on a regular basis.It does provide a big light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

AHW309 has really given some really good advice....If I may ask you...when is the last time you have seen a GP? I do really feel for you for going through this at such a young age...

It might not mean much but I do try to check my responses everyday......There are a huge amount of people on the forums that can help you find some peace and relief from your anxiety.

I used to have the same feeling where my anxiety popped up out of nowhere and it really bugged me...I do understand where you are coming from Amelie1234. The anxiety does go away....it isnt permanent ...

You are more than welcome to post back and say whatever is on your mind .....Here for you....

My Kindest Thoughts for you


Thanks Paul,

its really great to here someone's gone through the Same kind of thing and came out on top.

Hey Amelie...Thanks for posting back...My first acute anxiety attack was in 1983....it took me 3 years to see a doctor....and back then they didnt know what they do now. The symptoms are awful I agree and I even remember where I had my first mega anxiety attack....

I just call them 'feelings' now....not symptoms....but thats just me....They do lessen in severity over time and with regular visits to a doc. Just yell out if you want anymore info...you are amongst friends here Amelie

Paul 🙂