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me and school

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since i started highschool ive been struggling, and everytime i try to reach out for help all i get told is that im lazy and to try out meditating, which i wish it were that easy.

i failed last year (and thanks to covid i didnt get held back) and ive already failed semester one of this year. its so hard for me to just get started on work, i am currently writing this instead of writing an essay, if i just knew why its so hard for me i would feel so much better. i just want to sleep for a couple months.

ive tried seeing my school counselor and the first thing she did was pull up my report and ask me why i failed, then told me to try out having a schedule or to keep a diary, and everytime ive tried and ive put my full effort in it just never works and i end up ignoring it and forgetting about it

and if it is laziness how do i make it stop i just want to be better i just want to be able to get things done because sometimes i cant even take care of myself. atm my sleep schedule is garbage, im going to sleep at 4-6am and sleeping through all my online classes

i was a top student in primary school, even at the beginning of year 7. i just cant figure out the issue. everyones so disappointed in me no matter how hard i try. im too scared to ask for help

everything is so scary

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Community Champion

mongolucious, welcome to the forum. Thank you for sharing your current experience. I am sorry to hear that you have been struggling with school and that you failed last year. But guess what! So did I!! I am a university student and failed two subjects! I have experienced exactly the same issues as what you have. I do not think what you are experiencing is laziness. Are you even interested in the subject of the essay? I have found that when a subject does not interest me, I do not have to motivation to do it. Do you feel that this might be how you are feeling too?

What other issues are bothering you besides your studies? Is everything okay at home? A good start is to make sure you are eating well and drinking plenty of water. They have been recommended even by my university to help support students studying. What do you think is causing you to stay up all night? It seems that there might be a little more going on in your life that is impacting your school work . If you feel that the school councillor has not been helpful, maybe have a talk with your teachers might help too. They could give you some extra support, all your teachers want to see you succeed. Having a talk with your parents could be a good starting point too, they might be able to help support you at home.

I am here if you want to talk further about all this. I hope you are okay.


Hi Mongolucious,
Welcome to the Beyond Blue community, you’ve made a great step today by reaching out and seeking connection with others. We hope you can find the support you are looking for here.
It sounds like you are in really tough spot at the moment and feel like you are unable to accomplish what you would like to and when you reached out for help, they didn’t help you in the way that you were hoping for.
We hear that you are feeling like you are procrastinating and having difficulty sleeping. Often these things can be masking issues which are affecting us more than we think. Often things such as depression, anxiety and fear of failure can affect us to the point where it makes it difficult to think, work or engage with life like we want to normally.
We understand this is a scary process, but perhaps you felt unheard by your counsellor is because they didn’t seek to ask you about your feelings and thoughts beyond your schooling and scheduling.
Do you think that perhaps reaching out to them, or someone that you trust and telling them how you feel inside will open that communication for you?
Is there anyone that you would be comfortable opening up to?
Please feel free to keep the community updated as to how you are going.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi monogolucious,

Wellcome to our forums!

Sorry things seem difficult for you at the moment……

Your sleeping patterns must be difficult, if we don’t have a lot of sleep it’s hard to function some days….

Have you always had these sleeping patterns?

I hope you are ok, please know we are all a lovely bunch on this forum and we are happy to listen to anything you want to say…. We can support you………

Im also sorry you feel every one is disappointed with you… it’s ok not to be doing well at school, I wasn’t someone who got high grades… you can only do your best.

Here to chat

hi positive_vibes89 thank you for the reply

everything is ok at home its just that my parents are the same and just tell me that "im lazy and need to start doing things" whenever i try and open up, even about things completely unrelated to school. you have made me realise that i often only put effort towards things that will make me feel happy in the moment no matter if its long term or short term and im not sure what to do about this

and for my sleeping habits i would say its just me being on my phone too late but even when i actually get into bed a bit earlier and try to sleep i end up just rolling around for a few hours and eventually dozing off.

Hi monogolucious,

How are you today?

Maybe try not to be on your phone for at least 3 hours before you try to sleep this may help you to fall asleep easier….., you could also try to do a sleep meditation before sleeping this can really help, you could try to google one on your phone….

Im sorry that your parents react that way when you try to open up, maybe you could write them a letter and tell them how you are really feeling…

Ok, that’s great that you put effort into things that will bring you happiness it shows that you are really interested in that topic……. I understand if you don’t put as much effort into other things because you don’t find them as interesting you can only try and do your best 😊

I glad to hear that things are okay at home. Sounds like your parents are having a hard time understanding what is happening or that they dont know how to respond. So I suggest going to a teacher that you can trust. In highschool I found that I made some great relationships with my teachers to the point they gave me extra support in their lunchtimes. If you do have a teacher that you really connect with, it may be a good idea to have a private talk with them .

Ah procrastination, I have a essay due next week! I have not started it, I dont feel like doing it but I know that I have to or else I will fail! If school isn't for you, have you considered looking for an apprenticeship or traineeships?

Petal's suggestion about writing a little to your parents is an excellent idea too. What you can try is switching off all distractions, and sit infront of your studies. It can help you get into the zone. I put on some study instrumental music, this has helped me focus. The music is really soothing. I use this method for exam study too.

As for sleeping, try some music. I found this helped me alot. You tube has alot of sleep music. When im restless, I elevate my legs on a pillow, helps me to relax and with blood flow. There is a condition called restless legs syndrome, you could ask your doctor about if this is what you are experiencing. Sometimes even a panadol can help calm my restless arms and legs.

Keep in touch okay, let us all know how you are doing.

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Hi mongolucious, 🙂

I am also in high school and relate to your post a lot and am experiencing similar things. I also watched all my marks go down the drain and failed literally all my courses, my HSC year starts next term and im scared stiff. If you need a friend I'm here to talk. U GOT THIS!!!