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Lonely and abandoned

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I feel like I can't talk to anyone. Like I can connect with anyone like I used to be able to.
I've lost so many friends because I've fallen into this pit of..idk what it is in all honesty. I just wish that I could think of things to talk about.
I feel like everyone is against me and that no one likes me. I feel like people talk behind my back about me so it makes me shut down and off even more. It's like this with my family too.
I want to ask my parents if I should see someone but I'm kinda iffy about it because I don't know if I actually do.
I just finished year 12. Do I keep my mouth shut and hope it gets better? I'm at a loss. Any advice would be great. Thank you.

Its so hard to get out what I feel because I don't know how to explain it all.

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Hi DaisyQueen

You need not talk to your parents if you don't want to. If you're on their Medicare card, take a snapshot from your phone of the card. Many medical centres will accept a visual photo of the card.

Burying your feelings is never a good idea. They don't go away, they fester like an infection until you can't ignore them anymore. I recommend that you go see the local doc, ask for a referral to a psychologist and have a chat with them about your feelings. Learn how to deal with them and get better.


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I feel you

No matter how much I try and how many people I am surrounded by I can't seem to connect/bond with anyone. This happens to everyone new I meet

I can talk to them normally but when the conversation ends I am back in my own world of isolation and feeling lonely as ever

You are not alone

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Blue Voices Member

@DaisyQueen - sorry to jump your thread

@Clare9 - welcome to the BB forums. how wonderful it is of you to be thinking of others on your first post. You seem like someone I'd like to get to know. Hope to see you soon on a thread of your own.


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Champion Alumni
hello Daisyqueen and Clare, I thought that this involves the two of you.
I don't know if Clare you have just finished school as Daisy has, but to come out of year 12 is an enormous change, because all those people you once considered as 'friends' are basically only acquaintances, but who have been kept together because of school, there may have been times when you thought they were your friend because you shared jokes and stories, but this doesn't mean that they are totally loyal, because secrets spend around the school and finally are exaggerated, so you never know who your friends are.
Friends have to be made, they just don't happen to fall at your feet, but what we hope and expect is that trust goes both ways, because once this is broken then they suddenly become an acquaintance.
If either of you are struggling with this problem then it would be a good idea to see your doctor and if need be then referred onto a psychologist, because it won't and it can't be overcome or handled by yourself, you need to build up your confidence and self-esteem, so the psychologist will be able to teach you different exercises and different tragedies,and please don't take this as though you have failed, you haven't, you just need to build new skills out there in the big world. Geoff.

Hi. Thank you for your reply.

I would love to go to a psychologist. It's just hard because with a narcissistic mother who will poison anyone against me just to have control over me, that includes my local psychologist. She did so with my sister.

I just feel like I can't talk to anyone about anything. Even the most basic and simple things, like sport or music. It's like this wall comes down and I can't think about anything like that. I blank out.

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Thank you Geoff. I will definitely think about going to see someone outside of my sisters psychologist because I feel that will just muddle and confuse the entire situation.

It's awful.

I went to a party tonight. I sat there watching everyone interact and talk about the most basic of things.

I feel like I can't relate to them or talk about the most simple things. It's like a wall comes down and I can't think of anything to say to them. Like about music or sports.

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Speaking from personal experience, I would say the hardest part about those sorts of feelings is acting on them to feel better. I've been depressed recently for some time, and even if it's not exactly what you are experiencing, I felt similarly hesitant to get help. I started getting help behind my parents back even though they were supportive when they found out.

You certainly have options, and I believe speaking to someone - either a professional or someone close you are comfortable with - will always do more good than harm.