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help, for real. I said last year if I enter lockdown again I couldn't handle it as last year I was truly struggling like so badly and on top of that everyday I would cry over lockdown, either just from fear of missing out or stress from online learning, I don't want to go through that, I CANT go through that again. I have got better coping strategies now and am keeping in contact with friends to keep my mind off it, but thats not always a good thing. I just have a feeling that these feelings I have are building up. I try talking to friends but a lot of them aren't doing the greatest and the one I could talk to has no idea what its like I don't think, also I really like them and I don't want to make things awkward between us. I felt myself getting really anxious a few nights ago but a friend called me at that exact moment which was a really good distraction. Idk I just feel like I am not dealing with my feelings but rather pushing them to the side and distracting myself, I suppose its better than last year but I worry that one day soon I'll be back in that dark place that I was in last year. If anyone has anything to contribute it would be really good, thank you 🙂
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Hi Tamrby,

I am really sorry that you are in lockdown at the moment and I am thinking of you, I hope that it isn't for too much longer. I am also proud of you for reaching out and asking for advice, it can take a lot of courage to do so.

Understandably you would be experiencing a lot of emotions at the moment being in lockdown and it can be hard to stay positive when you are in a situation such as this. It is normal to feel upset, anxious and overwhelmed when you are in lockdown and it can be hard dealing with your emotions when you feel extremely isolated. It is good that you have tried to reach out to your friends, I know they would be struggling too but they may appreciate you reaching out to them. Even talking about it with them could help you both to let out how you feel and could even end up sharing some coping mechanisms to help each other get through this.

With your online learning, is there any of your friends who may be doing the same thing as you? You could organise with them a time to have a study date online with them and you can also express how you are finding online learning and you could also maybe ask if there is anything they do to make it more easier or enjoyable? Also talking to a teacher or someone may help as well in terms of online learning. They may offer some solutions or advice on what you could do to make it easier.

Some tips that may help you with lockdown could be:

- Journalling. Sometimes getting your thoughts and feelings down on paper can help relieve the stress and anxieties that you may have and it can also feel like a weight has been lifted off your chest.

- Talk to friends and family. I know you have already done this and that is awesome! It can not only benefit you to have a chat with friends and family but it can also benefit them and I am sure that they will be grateful for you to reach out to them too 🙂

- Hobbies/interests. Is there anything that you like doing? Such as painting, watching netflix, art, reading, etc? Doing things that you like doing may help you to pass time and get your mind off of things and can make you feel better.

- Exercise. Exercise may help boost your mood and make you feel better too. Even if it is outdoors or indoors, there are many different ways to make exercising more fun.

Hope this helps and remember to look after yourself! You're doing the best you can 🙂

Keets 🙂 x

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Community Champion

Hello Tamrby,

I'm sorry to hear you are starting to feel really anxious again. Please know that you're not alone in this, and it actually sounds like you're doing all the right things. I understand you feel like you're not coping well and I'm really sad to hear that. Unfortunately, sometimes situations put us under so much stress that distraction is actually the best thing we can do.

Keets suggested some really great things that you can do while we all wait for our lives to return back to normal. What do you think of those?

May I also suggest that, if you'd like someone to call but you don't want to make things awkward with your friends, BeyondBlue has a wonderful pandemic support service. Their number is 1800 512 348. There is also kids help line who are fantastic and support people up to 25 years - I noticed you posted in the young person forum so I thought I'd point this one out in case it applies to you.

Please feel free to keep talking to us here, whatever helps. This pandemic feels like it's dragging on for a really long time, but it is eventually only temporary and life will get back to the way it was. Until then, the best we can do is follow the rules, find a good support network and pass the time with (hopefully fun!) distractions. Personally, I did jigsaw puzzles last year and this time I'm doing lots more reading.