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I don't know what else to do anymore

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I have been feeling so awful lately. I'm so miserable and my sister is getting everything handed to her and I'm trying so hard and and getting nowhere. I'm actually crying writing this. I just feel like what's the point in trying anymore. I always get so upset because I try so hard but get nowhere and everyone around me gets handed everything for nothing. It makes me soused and angry. I feel I have and I am nothing. I have no one I can talk to because everyone just accuses me of being jealous. A lot of the time I feel like it would be so much easier to disappear. I just want someone who understands but nobody ever does 😭

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Good luck, it must be really hard right now. I found that the best way to deal with those feeling is to write them down first and then find someone you can talk to. I hope there is someone else that you know and that would be ready for a small talk. Even just saying them you've been feeling down lately and need to express it to someone can help. Change is progressive and takes time so it's all about the first (small) step.

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Hey I cannot claim to fully understand how you feel. But sometimes working harder feels like a punishment. Sometimes it just results in disappointment and I would tell myself to move on and get over it. However, when it isn't just sometimes and all the time it's hard to do that. There isn't really anything you can do to move on other than kinda just deal with it because you don't really have the motivation. Sometimes there are glimmers of hope though even as small as they are. I don't know if you'll ever see this but I hope you or other people who feel this way feel like you're not alone. I realised that doesn't really respond to your post but yeah.