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My thanks and appreciation.

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I'm thanking everyone for their kind and thoughtful responses to my posts in Depression and Anxiety in this manner because the site is not iPad friendly. Whenever I've tried to respond to anyone it doesn't send most of the time.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Dear Mal I'd like to thank you force your courage in sharing your story. Whilst I was abused sexually, physically & emotionally-i can't begin to imagine the trauma of being chained up. I'm currently going through the Royal Commission process in relation to a Priest who abused me as a child. I know you carry those scars far life & all you can do is to learn to live with them so they don't totally destroy you. You have endured the worst forms of abuse & it's a testament to your strength that your still here & fighting. You may have been told this but there's a list of Gps on this site who specialize in treating depression . I'm not sure if your on antidepressants or seeing a trauma specialist. I say this because I saw many counselors who obviously couldn't deal with what I'd been thru. I've now learnt it is best to look far a trauma specialist. You are worth so much more than the way you were brought up. I hope you will stay with us so we can offer our support & you have a good outlet far your feelings. Mal you are far more of a human being than your parents. Please remember we care very much & will support you in any way we can. Lve Mares x

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Blue Voices Member

Hi Mal,

Sorry to hear you've been having some accessibility issues with the forums. We have recently upgraded the site to display better on mobile and tablet devices. If you are having issues, we'd like to hear about them so we can try to fix it. 

If you can get in touch with us by email bb@beyondblue.org.au and let us know specifically what is happening that would be great.  Below are some questions that can help us diagnose any problems you might be having:

1.         A link to the thread you are trying to reply in (if using the forums), or the pages you are trying to access

2.         A screenshot of the error message

3.         Your browser version and operating system

4.         Your device type: are you using a laptop or desktop machine, or a mobile device such as a tablet or phone?

5.           Internet connection: wireless or 3G?