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My best friend is friends with the one that bullied me

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It’s taken a bit to write in here

I have felt quite isolated and have so much doubt and shame 

my recent experience with being bullied has left me unable to trust people with any of my deepest feelings it’s soul destroying 

I don’t even know how to talk about what has happened and is still happening to me Ad I’m always the strong one and I always brush my feelings aside and just deal with the situation 

but not this time 

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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi, welcome


Thankyou for finding the courage to post here, it cant be easy for many members. This site is anonymous and very caring so feel relaxed finding out the answers to your questions.


Throughout your life you will find rejection difficult to get around so you can move forward. Betrayal, nastiness and rejection are so deeply hurtful that we think in the first days or weeks that we will never get over them. So a few things I've got to say about this sort of situation you are in.


  • Regardless how you feel about a "best friend" friends come and go, it is how it is unfortunately. Our challenge is to accept that is what happens and know that another friend can replace a best friend sometimes. Humans have different thinking ideas and those differences can result to split ups. 
  • Best friends is like the beach, the waves come and go as does the love, when it ebbs, wait until it flows eg allow distance to do its thing and it might just come back.
  • Analyse your shame. "Why am I ashamed about my feelings"? Be logical. Sometimes we can over dramatise a topic in our heads and that needs changing to become more realistic. For example, yes you can grieve about a best friend rejecting you but  it isnt the only thing in life - logically there are so many wonderful things in life to experience like animals, other kind people and your education needs. We cant allow one person to ruin our lives
  • It is ok to move away a little from people to find you greater happiness. This wariness of others is a form of protection. 
  • Take care of your mental health. Do seek counselling from a school counsellor or GP or therapist. Ask your parent/s to allow you to talk to a doctor.
  • Boost your own faith of yourself. Google- "Maharaji Prem Rawat youtube the perfect instrument   and "Maharaji Prem Rawat sunset"   both will give you an idea of other things important in life. He has many other videos

So what do you think of that Erin? Repost if you feel you want to.