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First timer - anxiety, depression, health guilt and work stress.

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I’m new here, and don’t quite know how to begin. Classic Anxiety, I’m already worried I’m taking up space I shouldn’t and am being obnoxious.

But here goes. I guess to introduce myself I could give a roundup of why I’m here today.

It’s been a tough year or two for us all… even for the “neurotypical”. The biggest drivers toward desperation for me right now are social isolation bordering on agoraphobic tendencies, physical manifestations of my mental health state, and a fear of my work.

there are projects that are still unfinished months after they should have been. I’ve not been or felt able to work full time since around May, but I try hard to keep the fires burning. I haven’t worked more than an hour or two for over a week now, or even left the house, and the financial stress and fear for my position is growing to a sort of crippling weight. The only things I seem able to address are short turn around items, or immediate assistance to some one who is also stressed.

im physically weaker than I’ve ever been, and the physical symptoms of my “stuff” and the pain it brings have drained my energy reserves - and of course I’m incredibly guilty and ashamed about my lack of capacity.

im kinda choking up sharing this because my social circle has dwindled since working from home started in 2020, and my closest friends are now overseas. In fact, the closest and most immediate form of emotional support available to me (apart from my once a month therapist) is my Ex partner - which is obviously fraught territory…

while I don’t seem to have much of anything left in the tank right now, I hope to be able to become a contriving and supportive member of the community here.


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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello ManduPie, & welcome to the forum. I am so glad you are here.

You are certainly correct, saying that many people have been under great stress for the last couple years. Many people here have spoken of that, & how things have changed for them & what they do to try to cope & deal with the "new normal".

You have got so much going on, I'm not surprised you are struggling. I'm wondering of everything, which do you think you could focus on first & begin to deal with? I'm suggesting taking on one thing at a time,if that is possible.

You've got some stuff I don't know where I'd begin with, but I am confident there are people here who can offer some advice or direction.

For myself , coming to the forum has helped with my sense of isolation, & I can cope with that better now. It seems what I need is to have some response from some people, & not just be writing out what I think & feel to myself.

& So, I hope talking here, & contributing as you feel able, does help you too.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Thanks for your post and welcome,

It has been a tough year, don't be so hard on yourself.
Im so sorry to hear your feeling like this, I'm glad you have come to share.
Your not the only one feeling isolated at the moment
Im glad that your seeing someone once a month!
Its okay to feel like you don't have much in the tank but things will get better.

I agree with Kitty that you have a lot going on so you just just take things day by day, one step at a time.

Just know that everything will be okay and things will get better.
If you would like to talk to someone, the Beyond Blue Support Service is available 24/7 by phone on 1300 22 4636 or on Webchat 1pm-12am AEST on our website: www.beyondblue.org.au/getsupport