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Psychologist wants me to see psychiatrist for assessment

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Hi I have been seeing a psychologist since February and he has recently raised that an assessment with a psychiatrist would be helpful for him.

I can understand the merits but at the same time I am resisting mainly due to not being a bit fan of labels and also that I am scared.

I am not really sure what path to take.

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Community Champion

Dear Natalie22~

Welcome again. You are the person in charge of your medical treatment and as you have shown in the past are quite capable of changing professionals or discarding advice (eg you MH worker) if it does not seem appropriate and sensible.


I guess in your position I'd have a discussion with my GP and seek their view. I'd also talk in depth with my psychologist to find out exactly where their difficulty lies, for example the chosen path of treatment not being effective.


When it comes down to  it a psychiatrist is expensive, and to have just one visit in which one is diagnosed may not be possible. Again once a psychiatrist's diagnosis is made it is hard to disagree, and I'd expect your psychologist -and GP - will give that diagnosis a fair degree of weight.


So I guess, as usual, it comes down to weighting benefits against downsides. If extra input into your diagnosis is needed to give effective treatment then a psychiatrist's opinion may be the only way to go as they are the acknowledged experts.


If on the other hand you get on well with your  psychologist and you both agree the current therapy is giving you benefit then maybe the matter can be shelved for now, particularly if you explain to him why you are reluctant


I wish you well in your choice, and want to remind you that you are always welcome here



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Thank you.

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Hi Natalie


i started off with a Psychiatrist as I was admitted to hospital after a self harm incident. He is an amazing therapist her treated me as a person with symptoms. I didn’t want a label either I just wanted to be helped, which is what he did. 


He does Psychotherapy, CBT and EMDR. I was diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder and Complex PTSD. This gave a starting point for a treatment plan. 


He also had me treated by a Psychologist but I needed medication to complement it. 

you can get 6 Psychiatrist visits per year through your GP on a Medicare covered Care Plan. 

I suggest you speak with both your Psychologist and Gp. 

I wish you all the best in your journey. It is a journey, not a quick fix, but well worth it.