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My psychologist moving to Clinics, I am unsure how I can follow her to the new clinic.

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Hey guys, sorry if this is all over the place, not really sure what to do. So I've been struggling with OCD for years and at the end of December, I finally got the courage to get help. I went to the GP and told her my symptoms, she got me started on medication and suggested I research a psychologist who specialised in OCD from two clinics she recommended and she'd see me in 3 weeks so I could get a referral for the psychologist and discuss how the medication was going. After a lot of research and correspondence, I went with a psychologist from Clinic A. She's great and although I have a lot of trouble opening up with people, I think ive come a long way. I've been seeing her for about 2 months once a week. I feel like I'm making progress with Cognitive behaviour Therapy and Exposure Response Prevention, and we are just starting to get into the deep nitty-gritty.

I found out last week that she is leaving Clinic A and my last appointment will be the one I just had today. Today she told me more in-depth - the name of the new clinic (I'll call it Clinic B) and said that she will discharge me from her care at Clinic A and I will most likely be contacted by reception from clinic A asking if I want to see another psychologist there. She told me she isn't allowed to 'poach' me and take me to her new clinic as that would be a breach in her contract but if she happened to run into me... in a few weeks that wouldn't be an issue. She also said she'd email my GP and say I'm looking for a new psychologist. I'm not due to see my GP for a repeat prescription for about 2 months; I'm just really confused on what to do as she can't explicitly tell me how to go with her to the other clinic.


Maybe in about 2 weeks should I book an appointment with my GP and see if she can get a referral so I can see my psychologist at the other clinic? I also dont know if I should up my meds as there is only a slight different to before - I was planning on bringing this up when I would see her for the repeat prescription in 2 months. I also know that if u get a GP referral to see a psychologist you get a Medicare rebate so that would be helpful.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated; I feel quite overwhelmed and don't want to lose all this headway I've been making, and I definitely don't want to start fresh with someone else. Thanks!


- love from Sammy 🙂

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Dear Sammy_347~

Welcome to the Forum. Like many including myself  finding one of the real downsides of the medical system is to find someone you are getting on well with is moving on. It takes a real effort, and going out on a limb to trust someone wiht one's personal situation and for that just ot be wiped is hard.


Frankly my own experience is it is as much the personal relationship as the therapy that does the  good.


Can I suggest you wait a couple of weeks and then see you GP and ask for advice, after all you have received a hint not all is lost.


At the same time I would not alter my medication wihtout my GP's knowledge. Sometimes even a small change can have large effects and being supervised during the change is only sensible.


If you would like to let us know how you get on that would be great