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Online support group. Rural areas. Partners with depression

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I am 29 and my partner of three years is 32. He has had depression for most of his life. I have come to terms with the fact that his depression is something that will always be around and impact on our relationship. While I have told some friends and family about how hard it can be, they don't really understand the isolation and worry that the partners of depressed people go though. And living in a rural area we don't have the support that people can access in the city. I want an online forum that I can go to to give and receive support when things are tough. There may already be a forum that has been created in which I can join, or perhaps some people would like to share some of their stories on this forum. I just don't want to feel like I'm alone and to communicate to some like minded people, who are going though similar things, would be helpful. I do plan on sharing more once I figure out where is the right place to start sharing (which forum).

Thanks, Rose

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Dear Rose80~

Welcome here to the Forum. I have a huge admiration for anyone coping with a depressed partner. My wife had a horrible time when I was down and it is very largely due to her strength, love and care I got thought to where I am now.

There are many people here in this forum who have the same situation as you. If you look at the Forum Section:

Forums / Supporting family and friends with a mental health condition (carers)

You will find some sticky threads at the start to read then I'd suggest having a browse in the Section, or making your own thread there.

I do hope you become comfortable here and find it supportive and useful place.


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Hi Rose, welcome.

I think you are in the right place.

go to the top of the page, see "all threads" press that and go to depression.

Croix has given you a link to use. Try that.

Also to give you some other examples google these

Topic: depression, the timing of motivation- beyondblue

Topic: depression, the frog and the scorpion- beyondblue

Topic: who cares for the carer?- beyondblue

Topic: men isolated- beyondblue

Topic: relationship strife? The peace pipe- beyondblue

Topic: happy marriage hobbies and spirit- beyondblue

That is just a few, there are thousands of threads here.

Repost in those threads, here, or start a new thread if you have specific issues you'd like guidance on.

Tony WK

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Hi Rose80, welcome to the site you're after, here there are many different sections you can get involved in.

I also live in the country and like everyone else on this forum we have all had to go through our own individual type of depression, many are still suffering and some of these people reply to others struggling with the same depression.

This site has an enormous amount of people who only read the comments and a huge amount of people who do actually join in, so please feel free to comment on another thread as well as communicate in something that interests you.

Pleased you have joined.


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Thanks to all your responses. Just reading these and knowing there are others who understand has helped. Will check out the links. 🙂 thanks again