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How to approach my partner?

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I’ve been dating a guy for well over a year now, he has been struggling a lot with depressive and manic episodes but I don’t know how to approach him on the subject and suggest getting some help. I’ve been studying bipolar disorder and he shows a lot of symptoms I just wanna support him and show him that I’ll always be here. So any tips on how to go about the matter would be greatly appreciated.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Bee124 ☺ welcome to Beyond Blue.

I think it's really good you're reaching out and that you've done some research too.

I'm Bipolar and would suggest to wait till the inbetween times before approaching any sensitive areas as the stress and pumps high in mania and lows are tragic depending if he's type 1 or 2, so it could end in arguments.

Maybe you could approach it in a way of asking him if he thinks anythings bothering him and depending on his reply you could maybe say you've noticed at various times a shift in energy and mood and go from there. You seem very caring. Assurance that you're by his side would go a long way too which is clear that you are.

Another choice could be to talk to your GP that may have some ideas too or possibly ring Mental Health also might be of some help.

I hope it goes smoothly for you and be happy to hear how you get on ☺

Community Champion
Community Champion


I too welcome you and thank you for writing your post,

I agree with DB of waiting until there is an inbetween time when your boyfriend is calmer and more open to suggestions.

i think it is great that you want to help your friend .Sometimes when people are having mood swings they feel self conscious and worthless and are reluctant to get help. I think he is lucky to have your support.

It is frightening when people say you are changing when you think you are ok. I was I. Denial for so long as it was easier than facing the fact I had a mental illness.

Does your boyfriend have any male friends that maybe be supportive.

Thanks for your posit.