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Anyone have any advice on telling someone they most likely have BDP and encouraging them to get treatment

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences of revealing to someone that they have had BPD and how it went.

Any advice about wanting to tell someone that they really could benefit by getting some treatment for BPD such as DBT would be most welcome.

This person actually made me aware of the personality disorder and they stated to me that they could have it. They are trying to give advice to a friend of theirs who has a daughter who has BPD (I cant remember if they were diagnosed officially sorry) They have some Narcissistic personality disorder traits which apparently is common. So I think there might be a good start maybe. Not counting on anything though as they go up and down.

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That is very good advice thank you!

Ok, I hear what you're saying but it's a very long story. I will take on board what you have said and really think about it.

And I think I have had BPD traits but I grew out of them. I think we all have emotions and the connected mental thinking processes that go along with them. I just notice fear is a strong theme to anyone who is struggling with their mental health in every which and complex way. But everyone is on their own journey to their own truth. I understand I should just lend a hand and refer to the experts and that is good advice I don't know why I always think I have to fix everything.

Hi no one on earth,

Bpd is one of the most stigmatised mental health diagnoses.

if ur interested in it and how it develops, maybe u can read anout it or watch YouTube stuff about it?

it is also a personality disorder, one of a fair few , they are divided into 3 clusters, a, b and c.

Because of the stigma attached to bpd, I don't think it would be helpful to tell someone u think they have it,

If it helps u understand urself, or others, that's great and maybe researching it might help u...

DBT is just one of many models of therapy.

It's not my preferred choice. It's not the only choice.

Maybe another therapy will suit Ur friend, or no therapy at all.

My friend is on the spectrum I believe, but I don't feel compelled to tell him that,

I think it's best only if someone asks you Ur opinion, as it so delicate.

I Also think bpd is really hard to diagnose, it's not simple, u can't really know just by a few external factors.

And then, there are even ppl who don't believe in personality disorders at all...it's a big can of worms!

Hello No one on earth, some good advice has been given to you.

'Everyone is on their own journey to their own truth' but can be distracted and talk to them about this needs to be done when they are in a stable condition, but there is no instant cure, however, those with the most support and understanding may improve sooner than those who are left alone.

Be aware and write down, if possible, any small things that may trigger a reaction.