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Coping during the Coronavirus outbreak


We recognise that many of us here in the community are feeling scared, worried and overwhelmed about the Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak.

Just as we have come together here during other difficult times, we encourage those wanting to share or seek helpful support to do so here in this space.

What are you doing to look after your wellbeing during this time? Sharing is one of the most helpful ways we can support one other – our community is also here to support you if you’d simply like to share how you’re feeling.

It is important we maintain perspective and support each other as best as we can, everyone here at Beyond Blue would like to remind our community that medical, scientific and public health experts around the world are working hard to contain the virus, treat those affected and develop a vaccine as quickly as possible.

The Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Service is available 24/7 at coronavirus.beyondblue.org.au. There is a dedicated phone line, staffed by mental health professionals briefed on the pandemic response, that is also is now open on 1800 512 348.

Beyond Blue’s existing support service will continue to operate alongside the new service. The Beyond Blue Support Service is available via phone 24/7 on 1300 22 4636 or via beyondblue.org.au/get-support for online chat (3PM – 12AM AEST or email responses within 24 hours).

There are some other helpful discussions taking place here within our forum community that you may find helpful to read or participate in: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/online-forums/staying-well/hi-there-i-only-just-joined-and...

As a community, let’s help one another through sharing and connecting and showing our support.

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ps , very true rose with all those things , huge in these times .

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
are people still heading out at all? Going to buy groceries at all? Every day it is changing. Today I walkd by multiple hair dressers with people sitting in them getting their hair styled... tomorrow this will be a thing of the past?

I feel guilty every time I even go for a walk, like I should be at home only all the time. I'm confused by the media

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Just letting people know I got some flour at the local deli, it was like the 2nd last 1 😂. I’m officially happy now n can make a pizza base :)🙂

Then a sticky date pudding for dessert ;). It was like winning the lottery 😂

Got some apples n butter so could make a flaky pastry apple pie too 😁😁

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Champion Alumni

Hello to Everyone, with this coronavirus, it's the uncertainty that
concerns all of us, we've been told to isolate ourselves, keep our
distance from each other and make sure we adhere to hygiene, but we have
scientists working 24/7 who will eventually find a vaccine, that's their goals to find a solution, to be the one to find a cure.

RX, it's a good time to do the work at home, if you have the materials and most importantly the inclination.

It's not advisable to sit at home and worry, 'if', take it day by day as we often suggest in coping with depression of any type, we can't predict 'what if' and to 'assume' (a word I don't like using) is only making your anxiety go through the roof.

You will not be able to make yourself unhappy by worrying about something you don't know, OK, we all have a precaution in life and that's to stay safe at home and for those who are needed to work, I want to raise my arm to salute you all and support you in any way possible.

Is it possible to hear from anyone who has this commitment?

Take care.


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What everyone has going through at the moment has taught me who my real friends are and I’m so grateful they even though I’ve never met anyone on here I still know people will be there for each other on here too!

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sleepy depends on your situation if your in the city l wouldn't be walking about too much or touching anything like rails or door handles. we're in a country town and most people are still out walking dogs or just themselves which l think is a really good thing there's plenty of space and not too many people so you don't even have to be near anyone. my place has a back track cross the road which runs through the back of town and farmland so we walk down there and up around through all the back roads to the town but here plenty are still out walking about through town streets. l think it's a good thing myself but it's also saf so here it doesn't really do any harm.

Hey geoff , nice to see you about was wondering how you were doing and thanks for that mate. Yep l'll be finishing work next week here and if my last pay comes through ok l'll be able to afford some reno materials so l was thinking of killing lots of time with some of that and hopefully some distraction. dunno if l'll feel like it but , we see.Pretty good chance gf won't be able to gt back pretty sure the last flight will cancel sooo, could be riding this out solo , might help doing a few renos.

Great you got your flour andre , l feel a little guilty where we are the supes are jamb packed with everything , cept toilet roll .

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My housemate believes that this is all just a conspiracy theory. I was washing the dishes and he was talking to me about how it’s not that bad and it’s all the government etc etc ... I didn’t say a word but in my head suddenly I was having these flashes, like visions, of children with asthma, allergies and anaphylaxis dying because of no ventilators, people with heart attacks not having surgeries, car accidents not being tended to, all in quick succession. It felt extremely real. I had to excuse myself from my housemate and ran to the bathroom and vomited and I went into convulsions just couldn’t stop shaking like a leaf. I know it was a kind of panic attack. I was on the bathroom floor rocking for a long time. I’ve been saying for a while that I’m not ok. I feel absolutely floored by anxiety and also my previous PTSD. It is so much harder and I feel like my number 1 biggest trigger is people in denial or saying it’s not that bad.
All I can say is I pray that they are right.

I guess all that stuff is just very invalidating for those of us who are struggling with this very severely.

I just hope and pray that people will think more about their words. Saying “It’s not that bad” to a healthcare worker or anybody else who is concerned about this virus is so damaging.

Hello everyone,

Geoff I have mentioned before about the uncertainty and how we have to learn to cope with uncertainty which is very hard.

Sleepy I need a walk every day for my mental health and I just walk around the block. If you can find somewhere that there are not a lot of people.

Lauren, that is a dilemma that many will face. Can your parents help you without you moving back in with them.

Billie, I am sorry you were triggered. there is always a conspiracy theory around for every topic.

If you listen to some news source you trust and don't listen to everyone else, would that help. I am so sorry your house mate upset you.

I am glad people can be honest here and we are all supporting each other.

Hi Sleepy21

In answer to your question, are people still heading out at all?

Unless the outing is essential I am not going out. This means:

  • Yes to one weekly trip to a grocery store.
  • Yes to two daily walks (keeping 1.5 metres distance from others).
  • No to everthing else. Medical and psychologic appointments (for my daughter) moved to online. Dentist, unless an emergency, has to wait.

I want to be able to look back on this period of time in history and know I did everything I could to help flatten the curve and save lives.

Kind thoughts to you

same here quirk .

l find waking up the worst, so far every morning a few minutes after l wake up it all comes back and suddenly l'm feeling sick to the stomach .

Haven't watched news two days now , l dunno if that's a smart thing or maybe silly not too , but l can't At work the radio pops out a few updates though which l often don't hear because of noise working so l get a bit of a filter and just a few dribs and drabs through, that's enough for me .

Not sure how l should be with my daughter , l don't wanna make out like this is nothing but l don't want her worrying too much either . or if she's not taking it too serious to just leave that or remind her to take it serious so that she takes more care, maybe it's a blessing she's not taking it too serious yet.