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Coping during the Coronavirus outbreak


We recognise that many of us here in the community are feeling scared, worried and overwhelmed about the Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak.

Just as we have come together here during other difficult times, we encourage those wanting to share or seek helpful support to do so here in this space.

What are you doing to look after your wellbeing during this time? Sharing is one of the most helpful ways we can support one other – our community is also here to support you if you’d simply like to share how you’re feeling.

It is important we maintain perspective and support each other as best as we can, everyone here at Beyond Blue would like to remind our community that medical, scientific and public health experts around the world are working hard to contain the virus, treat those affected and develop a vaccine as quickly as possible.

The Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Service is available 24/7 at coronavirus.beyondblue.org.au. There is a dedicated phone line, staffed by mental health professionals briefed on the pandemic response, that is also is now open on 1800 512 348.

Beyond Blue’s existing support service will continue to operate alongside the new service. The Beyond Blue Support Service is available via phone 24/7 on 1300 22 4636 or via beyondblue.org.au/get-support for online chat (3PM – 12AM AEST or email responses within 24 hours).

There are some other helpful discussions taking place here within our forum community that you may find helpful to read or participate in: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/online-forums/staying-well/hi-there-i-only-just-joined-and...

As a community, let’s help one another through sharing and connecting and showing our support.

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How do you financially survive through this and how do you deal with self quarantine when your constantly lonely and dont want to loose a relationship by moving back in with parents because of having no way to support yourself

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For those of us in isolation here are some good ideas to create around your home.

Try to create things you enjoy around your home

if you like going to cafe and reading paper, get a table and chair and make your own mini cafe in your lounge.

If you like sun baking grab a towel and bask in your own yard or even on your pergola

Have a quiet space where you can read a book

if you like going to the gym you may set up a mini gym

the list is endless

What I am trying to say is lets make our isolation exciting as possible to avoid the stress and anxiety it can bring.

Let me know if you have any ideas as ,would be great to hear them.

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I'm not scared of the virus at all. Whats making me nervous is the governments/media reaction to all this. Our government is not giving Australians clear and consistent information, the state leaders and the federal government are not working as one and are just doing their own things.

so - I don't watch any of the media/government reports/updates.

I'm mentally preparing myself for work from home! Because my job affects my mental health (although I am very grateful to have a job) I dont like the idea of working from home. Right now, when I leave work - thats It, i can go home an just relax. I feel I wont be able to do the same if I were to work from home? Another issue I have is being stuck inside - what helps with my depression is getting out and about and I fear that I wont be able to get out as much as I usually do.

Having said that - I have decided that im going to start a little garden, ive bought myself a nintendo switch and im going to stock up on crossword books. If im going to be stuck inside im going to make myself as comfortable as possible. Im also going to try and exercise more and maybe even do yoga haha.

Ive said this before - but what really helps keeping me level headed is remembering that

These are tough - unprecedented times.

This will pass

we will get through this together

Things will get better!

I'm sick but too scared to get the test...

Also I'm so overwhelmed how everything has shut down. I can take get physio from the hospital, and the wait list for my semi urgent surgery is gonna be at least a year now. I can barely walk so it's getting to me.

And my social life has become non existent coz I only ever see/talk to people at community groups or at weekly magic nights. I can't handle social media. I gave up on it 6 months ago. I cant handle this isolation.

I'm scared of what my future will look like.

There are very few of my safe foods left on the shelves and with all this stress my eating disorder is getting worse. Im pretty sure I won't be able to go to treatment in Melbourne now coz of things.

I want to give up.

Hello everyone,

Moon, I think beyond Blue is showing the way but having threads like this plus articles on the web site. I also know that put out regular memes on Facebook , etc.

In past we didn't have Television or recently social media and so we weren't bombarded with doom and gloom.

In WW2 there were movies, lots of newspapers, news reels, local meetings etc. Of course now we have tv 24/7.

I realise uncertainity is hard to handle.

If our leaders say everything is fine and we will get through this and don't worry carry on. people would be angry when they find out this is not true for everyone.

. I listen to Norma Swann.

I know with the fires every second day it seemed that a statement said it would be a catastrophic day in my area. After a month of this , I like many others thought what do they know. So even when I left my house for the last time I was sure Id be back.

What would you like the govt to do in regard to messages to the public.


I was just talking to my neighbour who is a retired Registered Nurse but remains on call at our regional hospital in this town if she is needed. She had just had a call from the Emergency Department here because they can't cope with the numbers of people seeking help.

She was saying it takes five highly qualified nurses to run a ventilator, and them plus another five doctors to run even more sophisticated equipment, and we are short of this equipment in Australia and especially regional areas. We are also short of highly qualified registered nurses and they are tired.

People are being asked to help our hospital staff cope by spatial distancing and not going out so much, in order that our medical and nursing and paramedical staff don't get overloaded, exhausted and ill themselves. If they become overloaded, then they will not be able to deal with someone who comes in by ambulance with a ruptured appendix, or from a car accident, or an injured child.

This is the social contract - that we sometimes have to do things to help other people among us. I know it's scary and uncomfortable and tough, but we are asked to do this to help people like my neighbour who is far from young but still prepared to leave her ill husband and go down and work a shift at the local ED to help people who are sick. We are asked to make some sacrifices for people in our community who are vulnerable. Eventually this virus will pass, but it will take some time. In the meantime, do please try to help the people at the frontline like my neighbour, and help to stop this virus infecting so many people that they are overloaded. Thanks everyone.

I have found the most challenging parts of the pandemic has been grocery shopping and my sleep quality.

I used to have to set the alarm and wake up in the middle of the night to go to Coles which was open 24 hours. Then online ordering became available and I have used that ever since. Now that the supermarkets have temporarily suspended online ordering I am struggling going in to supermarkets which have tended to be crowded and the empty shelves are very eerie. I ended up leaving without purchasing anything. I have a vegie garden so for the time being I am going to be living off that and rationing what I currently have in the pantry and freezer.

I have been trying lots of strategies from the SLEEP forum thread but at the moment I am accepting that I am struggling with sleep that is ok, and I am just trying to do as many relaxing/meditative activities as possible and not worrying so much about not being able to sleep well.

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I might be an introvert but I’m an outgoing introvert. I still like to go out occasionally n do things on my own. That’s not soo easy now.

one thing I do like to do is bake and cook. For the love of god I can’t get plain flour 🙁. I need some flour.

cooking is therapeutic for me. I pray these panic buyers settle down soon.

Mate I feel like that sometimes. I’m waiting on surgical boot making (height increase) from Fiona stanly due to my left leg. That ain’t gonna happen now.

what’s hard is this situation didn’t give us much prep/transition time. January was good, and then February/March went crazy.

I been eating lots more sugar 😩, which I shouldn’t. Mainly due to the fact that I can’t get the items I want, like any stewing steak, gravy beef or chuck steak, flour etc etc cuz everyone else bought it out. I’m gonna have to do other recipes.

chin up mate 👊👊

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Hi Andre, I enjoy baking and cooking too. My partner has been joking that if I run out of ingredients I may have to tap into my inner child and make mud pies outside!!!

I find that the worst part about this panic buying is the idea that everyone has this "every man for himself" attitude. It scares me more than the virus! A friend told me that my local IGA store has now implemented a limit of 2 of each product (not just limits on toilet paper and staple products) to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to purchase. I guess that idea is fine for couples or singles but it would make things trickier for larger families. Although I cannot really come up with a better solution to stopping panic buyers/hoarders.