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When is Enough Enough?

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I’m Haydn. I’m tired; emotionally drained and ‘going numb..’ I’m not suicidal at all (part of my story) long term AOD Recovery Bipolar 1 MDD & complex grief..... all at once. My clinical team are solid. My family is toxic; my relationship is folding....people always want more... I’ve nil more to give & dare I (mockingly) ask for support? I’m over facades, lies, agendas, false ‘authentic’ care & im hurting. My dad died last year and he’s the only human I’ve encountered whom intrinsically connected with me. It’s all a bit messed up. H
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Hi, welcome

Some of us for a variety of reasons, have to regroup and reassess our lives for its future direction as we are all entitled to seek happier times.

That might result in removing toxic people, inviting new ones in (more on that soon) , seeking out a soul mate and fulfilling dreams.

To fulfill this more ideal relaxed life you can be forgiven for being ruthless in your trimming. I was 54yo when I finally removed my destructive mother from my life then set about removing all guilt about it so I could move on.

To do this there is certain things we need to learn- a new method of caution with potential friends


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Then there is a move to the foundations of our being

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All you have to do is google those threafs and read the first post only.

Eventually instead of getting disappointed with people that are not on the same page as you, you'll quickly move forward.

Repost here or place a reply in those threads.


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Community Champion

Hi Hayds,

welcome to beyond blue.

It is sad that you do not seem to be getting the help from your family.

And sorry about the loss of your father. Could part of your problem be related to this? I guess I am asking, did it become worse after your father died? Overcoming the loss of a loved one can take some time, so try to be too hard on yourself.

Other then your clinical team, do you have support from anyone outside of your immediate family?

I get it when you said...

I’m over facades, lies, agendas, false ‘authentic’ care & im hurting

And when I was at that point, when someone asked me how I was, I would be honest with them. There are exception of course to this, such as sales people who I would likely never see again. But my point is that if you were a "friend" and you asked that question, be prepared for an answer.

I hope you come back to tell more of your story, so that in the absence anyone else, the users here might be able to provide you with the support you are wanting.