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what should i do

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I have moved a lot in life and have never really settled down anywhere I haven't had a friend over two years and my family doesn't take my mental health issues well im afraid to talk to anyone because I feel like there is no reason for me to feel the way I do
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Hi, welcome

This is a safe place to mention anything that bothers you. We members are here to support and try to understand. Us Champions are full of experience and we are here 24/7.

One of the common and understandable mistakes people with disorders is thinking it should be automatic that others can understand our problems or at least try. Empathy isn't on their shopping list...fun, adventure and small talk is though and that isn't what we need to get comfort.

Firstly I wrote a post about this some time ago. If you can GOOGLE it and read the first entry post that will explain it further

Beyondblue topic they just wont understand- why?

Not having friends isn't necessarily your fault. Often it can be a case of other factors. For example- In the western suburbs of Melbourne at a teenager I couldn't make friends but when I joined the RAAF at 17yo I made heaps of friends in Adelaide. Different environment, common interests like hobbies etc. I returned to Melbourne at 20yo only to find I had the same difficulty here again!

Commonly hobbies sports and interests are the glue that binds the people that make the friends. When I took up model airplanes I had heaps of friends from the local flying club. These friends would drop in unannounced and we'd talk flying in my shed- great friendships. But if I didn't have the hobby they wouldn't be there.


Beyondblue topic boredom the closed door to fun

I hope that helps. Again welcome here, this forum is where birds of a feather flock together- where you can share experiences and not have to rely on family and friends.