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Recently was told by my long term partner that he doesnt love me and hasnt for a long time. Definitley has me feeling pretty worthless and down, but trying to put some perspective on things. I guess everything happens for a reason. Life was great until a few months ago when he started becoming distant. Just not sure what the next step will be. How will i move from this? Feels like im never going to come out of it.
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Hi Guest2000

I am currently in the same boat as you.

My partner of 3 years and the love of my life told me the same thing a month or so ago. I am devastated but hold out hope for reconciliation (potentially silliness on my part) but still.

We have a 1yr old daughter and we work together as well so it's been really difficult.

Are you seeing anyone like a councillor or is there anyone you can talk to? Family, friends etc?

I am here anyways if you wanna chat or vent.

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Community Champion

Hi 2000

Ive left some info on your other thread.

You will recover from this. It takes time and diversion of intrusive thoughts. Its a grieving process.

Glad you are here

Tony WK

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Hey Guest2000

It can be a hard thing to hear, especially after being with someone for a long time but just remember that the pain won’t last forever and you will meet someone who will love you and continue loving you no matter what.

I think the best step to take is to be with your friends and family, do the things you love doing or even create new interests and hobbies. I believe everything happens for a reason so keep moving forward and all the best


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hello Guest2000, after you've been with someone for so long you have built up connections with other people who turn out to become friends and achieved so much whether you've been travelling or whether you've decorated the house and now it seems as though all of this means nothing, it is very sad.
It's difficult to come to terms with this sudden breakup and yes there will be times when you remember how good the two of you were together, but if and when MI strikes someone then they only want to be by themselves.
You will be able to overcome this, maybe not now but later on, because I initially had trouble when our 25 year marriage ended, but you learn to do other activities and/or meet new people as well as those friends you want to stay connected with.
The trouble is if both of you are seeing your friends then questions will be asked about each other, that maybe good or it may not, solely depends on whether you want to reunite. Geoff.

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Hi Guest2000's

I hear you. Exact same thing has just happened to me. We were together 12 yrs. Says he needs to find himself and feels its his time to be selfish, funny as he has always put himself first looking back.

Hurts like hell doesn't it? I feel the same like I'm never going to get out this dark period. I know everyone tells us we will but its so hard to believe isn't it? And it might be weird but I sometimes think I don't want to because that means I have truly lost the man I thought was my one, the future. Do you feel like that at times too?

I have definitely found out who my true friends out of this and hope you have friends you can turn to as well. Feels like I have a huge void in my life. I haven't figured out how I will come out of this yet either but hopefully you find it comforting to know there are others that understand your pain and suffering. Day by day, minute by minute. I have found distancing myself from him (as little contact as possible) has helped even though it goes against every bone in my body.

Happy to chat any time.