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Trying to hold it together for all my family. Maybe reached my teather

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Im a stay at home mum. With an energetic, creative loving 3 year old. Just had a newborn baby. Husband struggling with anxiety and confidence issues whos struggling to get work and not coping. sister inlaws brother died unexpectedly who my brother was very close to aswell. Father in law in hospital with ptsd. Mother in law not coping. Just a jist of things going on. I feel I am giving all my time and energy to all my loved ones (who all need it) I just am so tired and have nothing left and I feel I have no one who is there for me. No energy. Tears flowing.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Silverbelle, a warm welcome to you. Well done for sharing your concerns with us. You have come to the right place.

So much happening on all fronts with no breathing space in between...no wonder you are feeling tired and overwhelmed. All this while being a busy Mum to 2 very young children. What a brave soul you are...

Caring for loved ones in need is a demanding job. I'd suggest you scroll down to the bottom of this page and check out the Helping someone section.

This includes "Looking after yourself". There is a lot resting on your shoulders right now. Superwoman may be attractive but she's fantasy. Please take good care of yourself and do not hesitate to seek professional support. You need and deserve all the help you can get. A wise first step would be an honest, open talk with a GP. You may need referral to a counselor or therapist to help you negotiate this rough stretch. Struggling alone is far too difficult. It is also unnecessary. The overload weighing you down needs to be lightened.

Checking Carers Australia (1800 242 636) would be helpful. Copying this link into your browser will access their online site :


Kindest thoughts.

I dont see myself as brave just having no other option. But always soldiering on is tiring and i feel i am at my limit. Having said that i am still at home alone with the kids and still soldering on. I would love to just have a rest from it all but a mums job never ends. I guess ill put myself on the waiting list for the gp I like. Thanks good advice. Its a blessing and a burden to have strong empathy. I just want to fix everyone and everything. An impossible task....

Sometimes, Silverbelle, it must start with empathy and TLC towards ourselves. We all are limited beings. If we stretch those limits too long and too far, something will snap. If we fall in a heap, what will happen to those who depend on us ?

I too did the strong/brave thing because I had no other option. I have been sole carer for a troubled, very sick daughter with acquired brain injury. No family to help. No friends to turn to as the girl was too much of a responsibility for anyone to take on. Even for a few hours. No respite care available at the time in our area. I was fortunate enough to understand where to draw the line. It still took me a couple of years to put myself back together.

We're all different but I have some idea of what you are up against. My heart naturally goes out to you.