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It's so hard to trust people. Took a chance, no matter how cautiously and the moment I shifted to an inkling feeling of safe, betrayal is exposed. I'd dared to stop expecting it. I trusted. It felt equal and even keeled. It felt real. They were not a stranger, or new to me.  Why do people lie? Everyone cheats, hurts, betrays. It's like they seek out the most sensitive part to wound and do so in the guise of loyal, non judging friendship. . Prefer alone. People suck the life out of me.
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Champion Alumni

dear MAT, I know and remember your posts, but now you took the chance and felt as though you could finally trust someone, this is what we all hoped for, to have someone new that could pull us out from how we were struggling with.

It would always appear as though that our life will be able to get back on track, but unfortunately this could be just a fallacy, because a definite relationship can be never be known within the first few weeks in how long it could ever last.

Physical relations will be a confusing issue, if this does happen, but I don't believe that you are quite ready to even consider forming any relationship at all at the moment, and I'm so sorry to say this, but I only say it because you are not strong enough to be able to cope with trying to form one.

To get or have anyone who continually lies and cheats is absolutely no way to live a life and you have had to experience all of this, so your trust in people is not the way to live a life, as you become off second best.

You need time and confidence to be able to choice who you may ever want, and this won't happen overnight.

Take care. L Geoff. x

Nor me, Geoff. It's the slow route for me. This wasn't someone new. I hardly consider myself gullible or naive. Some folks are really just sick inside.

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Geoff, your words of wisdom to Miss Anne Thorwy and the other post to Lunar have helped me immensely. They've helped me to realise I have so much more to learn when it comes to building strong and healthy relationships. In the past I have settled for less than what I know I deserve. I want to learn how to trust my instinct and to decipher if someone has ulterior motives. The search for true love may be long and even painful but myself and the other two ladies deserve the best.

Keep up the great work with your words of such wisdom.

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Isolation and the inability to trust anyone to help me is I think my biggest problem in dealing with ptsd and panic. From age 9 to 73 ,I have read every help book, had psychologists etc...i meditate, exercise, do creative stuff. Nothing takes away my fear of people, society and social structures. My psychiatrist says I am so hardwired to panic I just have to live with it...medicate and never have friends seems to be the rest of my life