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Struggling with the loss of my life

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I am suffering from separation anxiety from my partner leaving me.

It feels like I have lost a wife and son in a car accident and I never got to say goodbye.

Her 3 year old son and I were at times inseparable and I miss him so much it hurts. I am broken hearted and cannot understand how or why this has happened.

We had a fantastic relationship, we were both very affectionate and attentive, very involved in each other’s lives. Shared our children and were beginning to blend together quite nicely. Yes some issues and things along the way and ahead of us but nothing major. We discussed building a life together with all of our children and having more. We talked about the future, our future on a daily basis. It was all going great.

Christmas time and we were taking selfies of us all cuddled up with all of our children in bed yet 2 weeks later it was all over.

I was blindsided by the decision.

I’ve sought explanation on her reasons but really got nothing of note, nothing that would seem insurmountable.

We both had previous traumatic relationships that contributed to some issues but I thought we were and could continue to deal with these. Nothing love, communication and understanding couldn’t help solve.

Since the split I have suffered panic and anxiety attacks and depression. I am seeing a psychologist and having reiki sessions to help deal with it all but I continue to struggle emotionally on a daily basis.

2 months on and the loss is still feels as as raw as when it happened.

I am devastated.


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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey Ben,

Your weekend sounds great and I'm glad you have returned fresher and clearer. I hope you can continue with the positive feelings. Glad your reiki is helping too.

Cmf x