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Struggling with a breakup

Community Member

Gday legends, I am really starting to struggle with a break up. My mrs decided 7 days ago to call it quits on us. The reason being she thought my career came first as I did 7 extra days over time I’ve a period of a few weeks. The reason being I wanted the time up my sleeve so we could do a road trip to visit our families over Christmas but had this all planned as a surprise that she didn’t know about until after we split, but now she doesn’t know what to say as it feels just like an excuse to her. I fricken love her and am prepared to do anything to make us work out. I’m struggling because I could always message her all day every day, but now I feel I have no one to chat to, I’ve tried to chat to some of my mates but the subject quickly changes. I find myself checking my phone every hour throughout the night hoping for her to agree to work through it. I’m lost as I do not know what to do from here, I’ve never been through this before. I just feel lost, upset and confused. Any help would be really really appreciated. Thanks

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Community Member

She leaves you point blank just for doing an extra 7 days at work, op op.

And what so by the sounds hasn't even given the relationship or you a chance to even explain or level things out again , work on things.

Mate, l'm sorry op but l think you need to take this time right now in having some serious reflection on this ladies character.

lf she's like this now , l take it your not married , l hate to imagine how long she'd last in that if you did later.

Perhaps you go about your life for a few wks first of all and not only reflect yourself about her but also give her time to do the same bc sorry to say but she is sounding very un'partner material .