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Speaking up about bullying caused me to lose my job

Community Member
I spoke out about bullying towards members in my team from another manager. As a result my whole team and I were finished up 6 months earlier in our contract. I protected my team from a lot from the toxic culture in the workplace. As a result it has worn me down. Then to add to it my partner said I need to put my family first in the future and not speak up. This has made me feel like a failure at work and at home. I don't know what to do!
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Wa Wa

You totally did the right thing, a brave thing- and it sucks when we aren't recognised for sticking up for others or it doesn't work out. It also must be hard that your family don't support you from the fallout either! Maybe rally around your team for support, since you went through your contracts being cut prematurely together- especially if you feel worn down, as you say. You can lean on each other for assurance. Maybe they can help your family see the situation more clearly, which would hopefully, in turn, help them be on your side more- as they should be. What do you think?


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Hi Wa Wa

Office politics is often convoluted, obtuse, and sometimes delusional. From my experience in the APS, the reasons given for management decisions, on occasion, had little to do with the decision that was handed down.

My point being, your contract may have been terminated for other reasons. You may never know the real reason.

Notwithstanding the above, your actions were admirable and something that your partner should have applauded.

You are not a failure!

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Wa Wa,

Welcome to Beyond Blue - you understand the value in receiving fair treatment and standing up to bullying in the workplace. Sadly, what is right is not always rewarding and the 'culture' has defeated you in this instance... or have you given up?

There isn't much to go on in your post, but did you make a formal complaint (in writing) which would require due process of resolution from senior management with investigation and accounts from all parties? 'Speaking out' will often fall on deaf ears and backfire on you as may have been what transpired, but having a paper trail will ensure a reasoned approach for whatever course of action is implemented (with options to object and take your complaint to the next level).

Check your rights under 'Unfair Dismissal' laws to see if you have some comeback.

Your other setback, unfortunately, is the lack of support you should be receiving from your partner. 'Stating the obvious', post facto, is insensitive and places your partner on the 'other' side and that's not where they should be as you deal with the impact of the injustice alone.

I feel you have been anything but a 'failure' and support your actions. The only failing is in receiving substandard levels of support in both cases. Although I can appreciate how depleted you must be feeling, I would encourage you to fight for what you believe for the sake of right and your own self esteem - perhaps you are the role model your family needs?