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Sometimes I Yearn For A Love So Deep

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I yearn for a love and connection so deep and profound.
I do love myself. And I have been, as of lately, really reflecting and going internally to see how I can become the best version of myself FOR myself.

It’s just sometimes (not all of the time) I yearn for a deep, sincere and passionate connection. I really appreciate finding kindred spirits and I love to build connections with people before rushing into anything too extravagant.

I know you can find love in many other forms like : family, pets, nature, hobbies/passions etc.

However, I look around me and see so many people my age in committed relationships. My first, proper relationship was disastrous, to say the least. I was psychologically and emotionally abused by my ex.

I just want to find a strong bond and connection. Something authentic and genuine. I know there is nothing wrong with me. And I also acknowledge that I still need to heal from my previous relationship.. however, I hope one day there will be someone out there for me who will treat me very respectfully and cherish me. No mixed messages and absolutely no crumbs. Just an authentic, passionate and beautiful love.

It’s just nice to feel special sometimes. πŸ™‚


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I've had 4 long term relationships, two were marriages. My current marriage is 10 years long but we've known each other 35 years. Therein lies the secret to one's soul mate - compatibility.

The foundation of soul mate includes low conflict events, gelling with things like eg punctuality, spending levels and common interests. Sounds odd doesn't it? But if that compatibility is present it paves the way for the chance for the quality of relationship you crave.

What is the best way to find such a compatible person? Imo online! Online allows you to increase your odd in finding "the one".

Hope that helps.


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Hi Psychedelic Fur,

I know the feeling, and after years of being alone - I finally found that love. Many of my friends have had multiple meaningless relationships, and in high school, they often had boyfriends or girlfriends just for the sake of it. I was never like that, and like you, I never wanted a relationship until I knew it was real and deep.

I had my first relationship when I had just turned 18 and finish high school. I am still with him, 2.5 years later, I am nearly 21 now. We have had a 4-day breakup and many ups and downs, but our relationship is very strong because of it and I literally could not see myself with anyone else (I could be blinded by love, who knows lol) but I believe we are soulmates, we read each other's minds, and have both stuck by each other through incredibly hard times in each other lives (some events people would never experience in a lifetime, let alone at 18-21). It's both of our first real loves, and who knows what will truly happen but all I know is that presently we are stronger than ever and are very happy together. I am very blessed, and I look at a lot of my friends and they tell me they have never felt that strong of a connection that I described before, even with one of my friends who had a close to 5-year relationship - she never felt that connection. So what we have is special, and every day I am grateful for that. I hope it does last a lifetime, but you never know what could happen, so I focus on the present and that we are happy together right now πŸ™‚

My advice is to stop looking - this love will come when you least expect it, it may take a few relationships to get there, you're only young. But focus on yourself, and one day it will happen. For me, it happened when I least expected it. You could even have multiple love like what you describe. You only have the present, who knows what the future holds!



It will happen one day for you.