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Single Mum - Isolation and loneliness

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Well, I guess your a single mum too and feeling isolated and lonely just like me. I am currently living on the Sunshine Coast and I am struggling to connect and make new friends. Today, was a good day as last night I decided to reach out. I googled mental health for women and have found a connect group for women wanting to learn different styles of dancing from latin, belly dancing and even a style of south African dancing. This was through the Sunshine Coast council and it is all free. Being a single mum and university student I do not have much money. I am happy I have found this and will continue to attend the dance classes every Saturday. I hope this will build my self confidence after having this destroyed from a man who was disrespecting me. Men just seem to want to use you for sex.Sending all the single mums out their love. It is so hard on your own.

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Hi I am Integrity,

What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing. I bet many single parents can relate to you...

Sorry, I must admit that I don’t have any children but I still found your post very moving. I hope you don’t mind that I replied as I still wanted to show some support even if I’m not your target “audience.”

I honestly don’t know how you single mums (and single dads) do it. I would think, not that I know personally, that it’s very tough and lonely at times. I guess it’s not a matter of “choosing” to do it or not but you just sort of do it because you have to...

I am so glad that you decided to do something for yourself and reached out to this women’s group. Something for you to do for yourself and not as your role of “mum.” Good on you for looking after you...

The dating scene sounds as though it has been disappointing and that you have been hurt. I really hope you can gradually build yourself up...

Hopefully some single parents will reply to your thread.

My respect to all the single mums and dads out there especially the ones struggling...

Caring thoughts,


Hi, yes, I am a single mum. All the friends I made when my daughter was pre-school have now moved away from our little town and I have found it very difficult to form new friendships. I have noone I "catch up with" at the moment, and no family in this country. So I am isolated and very lonely too.

I hope to have friendships again, but I know it takes more than just hope to make things happen. Trouble is, I don't quite know what to do, and the things I try don't quite work out.

I hope the dancing works for you. Dancing is fun!