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Sad parents won't accept my separation.

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My husband moved out a couple of weeks ago. I am quite sad my parents don't seem to be able to accept it. They seem to think we can just stay married and live in separate houses.

Phone call ended with parents shouting at me saying that I wasn't separated.

Currently I feel more upset by my parents reaction than my husband moving out.

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Champion Alumni
hello, a warm welcome to you and thanks for posting your comment.

I think I'm more worried about how you and your husband are going, and yes it concerns me that your parents don't accept the fact that the two of you need to separate, but there maybe issues they don't know about and whether you want to tell them is up to you.

There could be another reason and this could be that they really liked him and never expected this to happen.

I know exactly the same happened when our divorce went through, my family loved my wife and her family the same to me, but it was a decision that was made by my wife due to circumstances.

Your parents will eventually learn that you're not together, but I hope that you have friends who can support you and that you have seen your doctor.

I hope that you and your husband are seeking the assistance you need, and please get back to us when you have time. Geoff.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Clair01~

I'd like to join Geoff in welcoming oyu here. It can be exceedingly difficult coping wiht parnets in a break-up. You don't really say why they can't seem to accept the separation. Do you have any idea?

Sometimes one's parents do form close bonds with their offspring's partner, or the in-laws and see these people disappearing from their lives. So too they can be worried over custody and related matters. Another thing that can make them that way is to feel that a separation is not on for social or cultural reasons.

Their attitude can be pretty devastating. Just when you need solid support and understanding from your family you get the opposite, a sort of betrayal.

Is there anyone who is there for you? Separation and all it entails is a most miserable thing and having someone to talk to and give encouragement, as well as practical help, can be a really great thing.

Please feel you can come here as often as you might like.