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Relationship Anxiety

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Hi there,

Heaps of anxiety today - I was in a relationship with this guy and he ended it last year and we stayed friends. He went through some bad times with his ex wife and children (custody issues) and I have always supported him through it. Anyway, he got very upset last year with this and lashed out, we were communicating on whats app and then he said he would block me and never unblock me again, but has unblocked me. He is just sitting there. We haven't communicated since last year, because I am respecting boundaries. He said he doesn't trust me and I know space and time can help. But I don't understand why he would block me, say he wouldn't unblock me again and he has - is it a game or a way of reaching out.

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Good morning DaisyD

I doubt anyone would really know what the significance of your former friend blocking and then unblocking you on Whats App. Maybe it was a user error but I doubt he was trying to send you an oblique message. And in a funny way, your confusion over his action is a darn good reason why you should avoid him.

Life is too short and there are too many other decent men out there who won’t confuse you with these silly games. You supported him when he needed you and in return you got nothing. If I was in your shoes, nothing short of an authentic apology and a sincere request for friendship would make me consider talking to this person again.

Sorry to be so blunt but you need to make yourself the priority. I wish you all the best.