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Partner getting money from her ex

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Today I voiced how I felt with my partner az she asked her ex who she has kids with for money this has only happened  today and only once I told her I'd rather her ask me as I feel like her ex would feel like she still relys on him and i feel bad as I couldn't help her am I wrong for saying that. It was only for smokes. This has only happened once.


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Hi John-26,


Welcome to the forums and thank you for posting. I personally don't think there's much wrong in saying that. You raise a valid concern. Perhaps the issue might have been in the way you mentioned it. I'm not sure how it was brought up but letting them know that you were 'worried that you would be seen as insufficient' might be the way to go. Just my thoughts though. Hope that helps.



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Community Champion

Hi John,


I would also like to add that I second that there is nothing wrong in saying that. It's a very valid feeling to want her to ask you instead of her ex. It could be important to say for next time.