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Not "Allowed" to Look At Pics Of Women

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I'm 40 years old and like looking at beautiful fashion models wearing beautiful outfits, like elegant evening gowns, swimsuits and lovely silk nightgowns.


Tonight, it was the latter I was looking at; a beautiful woman looking lovely wearing a white silk nightgown with her hand on her hip.


However, my Mum saw the pic and said "STOP looking at women in their underwear. You shouldn't even be looking at that sort of thing!!"

Sarcastically, I responded with "What should I be looking at then? Guys in their underwear?"

She said "Well, that would be more appropriate than women in their underwear."


It was a silk nightgown!!!


But later, I couldn't believe what I overheard her saying to Dad:


"He doesn't even have a girlfriend."

"Maybe he's thinking of starting to wear women's clothes."


And even worse:

"Is he going to be a pedophile next??"


All because of a pic of a beautiful woman in her 30s modelling a silk nightgown!!



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Hey adamc,

Thank you for posting here today. It sounds like it is a really tough situation to be in and no doubt distressing to overhear what you did.

It’s really important to look after yourself, your mental health and your wellbeing through a time like this. If you ever want to chat, the Beyond Blue counsellors are always here for you on 1300 22 4636, or via webchat. 

We hope the community here can be a source of support during this time. Take good care of yourself

Kind regards
Sophie M