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Not coping

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my ex is a police officer and I am really struggling to cope. I know things I shouldn’t know that make me feel sad about the world. When I lost my Mum he told me he hates me, he likes nothing about me, I’m nothing but a low life piece of scum and garbage. I’m a wretched.. I used to see him supporting everyone but me. I am trying so hard to find help or someone I can reach out to but it’s so hard to find someone who understands.

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Hello Guest, thank you for posting your comment.

I'm sincerely sorry about the passing of your Mum and to be told expletive words like your ex has mentioned is not what you would expect from a police officer.

I hope you can get back to us, but can I suggest that a visit to your doctor would be the first port of call, and please remember we are most welcome to be able to speak with you again.

You seem to be going through a really tough period, so please browse through the different sections above, there maybe one particular section that you are interested in reading and if you like to join in from your experience.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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Hello I am really sorry about your mum, I sincerely hope you are ok.

I don't know what you have been through or how you are feeling but I am here if you want to talk. My ex is an abusive alcoholic, gambling addict and pathological liar and I have a young daughter to him. I am no longer with him but he made my life really terrible.

I am genuinely here to listen if you want to share more.