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Not coping with part time employment

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Hi at the moment i have been unemployed for over 12 months but managed to get some part time work as a security guard but it's only 3 nights a week for 5hrs each night . Originally i was employed by local council for 27 yrs until i had carpal tunnel syndrome and had 3 operations to correct it but the council decided to place me on a injury management program to find a place within council to suit my condition for 3 mths until they find a full time position or they would let me go after the 3mths. I have tried applying elsewhere with no luck, i have done courses to further my career in security but nothing has come up and now waiting for weapons licensing to issue license so i can gain employment in cash in transit field but taking forever and missing out on work . Not sure how much more i can deal with people not responding to job applications even to say you didn't get the job would be great. Any advice would be great i do have a hobby but now have to stop that because i can't afford to do it any more

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Dear Scoot040~

Welcome here, job hunting and underemployment is frustrating and depressing.

I was invalided out of my career so can relate to being let go due to a medical condition. You sound a pretty sensible and resourceful person and it's a pity the council could not slot you in , however congratulations on getting the part time job - that's more than many have.

You sound on the right path, but you are finding it pretty hard going. Doing the courses and with a possible avenue to the cash transit area I would think your prospects pretty good.

The fact you talk about a hobby shows you are thinking in the right directions.

The really hard thing when being ignored and dismissed is to realize how worth-while you actually are. The constant merry-go-round of application/rejection can wear you down, maybe some of the following might help.

Keeping as fit as you can, exercise, healthy eating and sleeping, plus socializing where you can to keep a sense of proportion and distraction. If you feel unusually depressed seek medical advice.

If at all possible treat applications as learning experiences, actively trying to improve as you go. Not easy, particularly if you get no reply at all, but sometimes possible by asking where you did not succeed. Sort of get you out of the succeed/fail mindset and into an endeavor with other things involved.

Pace yourself, so many hours per day/week with a sharp divide and normal life other times, try to separate job hunting and it's associated downs from the rest of your life - again pretty hard but something to aim for.

Have another interest - you were spot on with hobbies, and if your current one is too expensive cast around for another, if you can't go fishing tie flies - you get the idea.

I'm sure you already know that volunteering is not only useful, builds self-esteem and very occasionally leads to employment, is this something you might look at?

Family support is a great thing, I have really needed at times - do you have anyone to lean on and talk with? You are facing a pretty big burden after all.

Finally I guess see if there is anything in your part time job - possibly a boring one - to make it more interesting. Think of possible improvements, areas where mistakes/injuries could be prevented and so on. May come to nothing but keeps the mind turning over.

Please post and talk here as often as you like. Have a look around this Forum to see how others have coped in similar situations.


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Hi scoot, welcome

The experience Criox has good advice as usual.

Im retired but my hustory isnt unlike yours. RAAF, private investigations, railway investigation, bykaws at 3 councils, dog ranger, security, crowd control, control room operator and in the last 13 years of working ran my own investigation business. That business was a jump in and do the steep learning curve and it pain off.

Based on all that here's a suggestion

Contact some major investigation companies that specialise in workers compensation and road accidents. Ask them if you got your inquiry agents license and obtained your equipment would they have work in your area?

Ive worked in the city and country areas. It changes from state to state but if you are in a regional atea you might be more convenient to use than a city PI as its cheaper to use a local. That keeps costs down so they'll use you more.

Eqiipment is basic nothing elaborate. If you use your own name as a business name no need for a company set up. I did the latter and it wasnt needed. It just complicated matters.

I also worked at an army base in security. Many bases are private security now. There might be opportunities in your area. Contact the base switchboard to find out who has the contract.

Good luck and keep trying.

Tony WK