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Newly pregnant

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I have been so sick during pregnancy that I HATE the experience. Being 32 and the last of my friends to have a baby people always told me being pregnant is the best thing in the world! Or they loved being pregnant Well I’m not feeling the love at all! I’m so negative about it!

I don’t want my husband to touch me or be near me. And this is quite sad because we love each other but anytime he comes near me I want to be sick or I am sick.

I told work and they reduced my hours to 4 hours a week! So I’ve now basically moved back in with my parents and am spending all day night in bed with the family dog only coming out to eat.

My poor husband took up a second job to get us more money due to my rubbish workplace cutting my hours he is always trying to check in on me and I find that annoying.

Just hoping others felt like this at some time during pregnancy

We wanted a baby this was planned why do I feel so negative and want to be left alone

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Hi Sarah,

When I read your post, I just had to reach out. I absolutely understand what you are saying, I suffered severe morning sickness (all day) with all my pregnancies, I even had to be hospitalised one time as I was just so ill and dehydrated. As you say, pregnancy is supposed to be this amazing experience and you are supposed to be 'glowing' etc. My experience was 18 weeks in bed all day, everyday, throwing up or feeling nauseated all the time. I swore I would never do it again. By 20 weeks, I was starting to feel a little better and by 25 weeks I was feeling how I thought it should be like. Like the birthing experience itself, the moment the baby is born, it is all forgotten.

I eventually ended up with 6 beautiful kids and would do it all again in the blink of an eye - even though I know I would suffer the most horrendous morning sickness. Even the Duchess Catherine had the bad luck of suffering the worst morning sickness for months. It will get better as you progress through the pregnancy, so just try to get through day to day. Sleep is your friend, so don't feel guilty - your body is growing a human and it's damn hard work!

Salty crackers like Saltine or Premium biscuits alone or with Vegemite were my go to, when I felt like eating. Try and have some dry, salty crackers by your bed and eat before you get up each day. Ginger is also supposed to ease the nausea and I believe they have ginger tablets at the chemist now. I never tried ginger as I don't like it, but if they had had them in the tablet form, I would have. Good luck and try and focus on your new bub coming. I promise it will all be worth it!

Soraya. 🙂