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New mum reaching out for help,advise,and to talk

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Hi I don't know if this is the right place to reach out for help but I hope it is

I am a 1st time mum I have been with my partner for around 10years
we struggled alot with falling pregnant I had several misscarragies. We went through IVF
And we were successful our 1st time. I now have a 4 month old son please don't get me wrong I LOVE
My son more then anything in this world.. but I feel alone ! I cry sometimes for no reason. My partner doesn't understand. I don't feel as connected with my son as I think I should be.

Please is there any mums that can relate who are happy to talk to me.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi strugglingmum88.

welcome, congratulations for reaching out with your first post, and bigger congratulations for your bundle of joy, especially after such a hard time.

Being a first time parent is both amazingly joyful, and often equally as scary. there is no exact way to know everything about parenting.

as a father i remember all the waking up, leading to a lot of lost sleep, and crying. I think my wife and i were technically zombies on autopilot for the first 6 or so months. It is important to sleep when you can to recharge mind and body. we slept a lot while the baby was asleep.

i know it is almost impossible at the moment with COVID, but do you belong to a mothers support group?

Mrs Not_Batman spent a couple of hours a week out of the house with her mothers group, which allowed for exercise and socialising.

with the connection, dont feel guilty. This connection should come with time. Just remember how tired you are. Enjoy the time you spend together teaching your baby things. It is great!

if you are still worried, and think it might be something else, talk to your gp.

i hope you can find comfort and answers on BB, and hope that things get better soon.


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi strugglingmum88,

I don’t have anything to contribute unfortunately, unless you count being a mum to two baby chickens 😂 But I just wanted to welcome you to the forums and let you know that there are quite a few new mums on here. It’s an extremely overwhelming period for a lot of new mums and can be quite an isolating and lonely experience. But for everyone else, life is pretty much as usual, which can make you feel even more alone. The getting pregnant part or birth itself can often be pretty traumatic for some people. Do you have any new mums groups that you go to?