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My world is spinning out of control

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I’m 45 and a Mum of 2 girls... 5.5 & 8.

My depression has got so bad and I’m currently in the middle of changing medications.

my husband and I fight all the time and infront of the kids!

My girls are scared of me because of things I say and do! I love them so much it breaks my heart to see what I’m doing to them.

This morning my husband said to have a sleep in as I’m really unwell and the medication detox is giving me brain zaps and vertigo.

It wa as nightmare. He refused to get up and the time I do and the girls spent the whole morning being yelled at. I was so angry he asked me something and didn’t like the answer I have gave so he called me a dickhead. I burst a fuse and punched the wall and put my fist through it.

My youngest was crying saying she’s scared and this made me even more angry... I just can’t cope anymore.

I have no feelings towards my husband at all to the point I can’t look at him.

i feel like I’ve ruined my kids lives and I don’t deserve them at all.

They are such sweet, gentle girls and I feel I’ve now given them a lifetime of issues because of mine.

I want to just run away as I can’t be here anymore. I can’t live without my husband but I can’t live with him.

Mum sad and depressed all the time and wish I didn’t exist.

i know I need help but I feel like I’m puncihung myself and deserve punishment by my kids hating me. I don’t deserve their love or them.

l feel it’s just all too late and what’s done is done and this is my life now...

im scared and feel so alone !!

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As other caring people have said you are not alone.

My youngest is 30 later in the year so it has been a while since I was experiencing what you are.

The guilt is still with me but I try to remember the quotation by Maya Angelou as it has helped me through tough times.

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”

It has been like a mantra for me over the years.

You care, you worry, you are a mum. Everyday you do your best.

My children complained because they never had a fancy birthday cake but I did what I could and now they say they liked that we had birthdays at the pool, in the park, at the library, at our farm- always outdoors!!

Nat has written a wonderfully understanding post. I echo her supportive words.

Just wondering how you are going? Do you find writing down your thoughts in these posts help even if in a little way.

Thinking of you