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My partner keeps putting me now .. maybe I’m being over sensitive

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I’ve been with my guy for 8 years and we have one son together..

Our relationship has been great for the most part having a child definitely makes things harder..

Recently I haven’t been feeling connected to him ...

an example of our fights start

he wanted to go to a work event and told me about it, the next day I asked if food would be provided and he got upset and said “why don’t you ever listen when I say something don’t talk back to me just do it “ He makes a point in very argument to tell me to listen him and just do it (whatever he requests or tells me) then would I do try to respond by saying I’m just trying to start a conversation with you or tell a joke it only makes it worse

I feel like I can’t have an opinion and it’s his way or not way with I don’t feel like an equal to him and then get very hurt ...

I’ve tired to explain to him but I also get defensive and stubborn which probably doesn’t help any advice?

we are recently engaged and I have a fear of being a wife to someone who demands things from me

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi there

In my opinion good communication is vital to a good connection. Perhaps that's why you're feeling that sense of disconnect at the moment. It sounds like perhaps both of you could be communicating better. Do you think you could pick a good time, when things are calm, to sit down and have a conversation about communication? You could both use the opportunity to say what's working well and not so well for each of you, without assigning blame or it needing to lead to an argument. Just an opportunity to reconnect.

I tried this with my partner and it worked well. So just a suggestion. Congrats on the engagement. It sounds like your relationship has a solid foundation 🙂

Best wishes, Katy

Community Champion
Community Champion

Welcome tanner to the forum.

Well done for writing your thread.

i have just seen Katy has written a helpful reply.

I notice that you say that your relationship for the most part has been great but has changed since havinga child.

A child brings much joy but also can put pressure on the relationship.

It is hard if you feel your partner is putting you down and telling you don’tisten.

Katy suggested licking a time when your are getting on,to discuss your relationship.

I wonder if you could have a date night with your husband,

You understand you can be defensive .