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My boyfriend has broken up with me. Please help.

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My boyfriend has broken up with me. It was so abrupt, I was so deeply in love with him, and still am. I really do not understand.

He came home from work two days ago, and told me that “it was best to break up”.. I am really not dealing with this well. I keep having anxiety attacks, and I am hyperventilating, not sleeping and feel awful. I feel like my entire soul has been ripped and all my plans and thoughts and future ideas have just crumbled down, and are no longer possible.

I really pursued our relationship, I still want to. I want to go over to his and talk to him, communicate with him... But I don’t want to push him further away. I don’t know what to do, because the only thing I want to do is be with him, and for everything to be okay and to be able to go back to a few days ago and prevent any of this from happening.

I don’t undestand. It’s killing me.

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Saddd,

I’m so sorry about the breakup. I can feel the intensity and rawness of your heartbreak...

You clearly loved him very much, and his decision must have been such a heart wrenching shock...

With heartbreak, my gentle suggestion is to allow yourself to feel those difficult feelings. Allow yourself to grieve, to feel sad, to feel the whole spectrum of human emotion...after all, pain needs a way out...maybe give it a little time and see if you still want to contact him after some time has passed. I think it’s probably all a little too raw at the moment...

With all the emotions, I would also suggest trying to do some nice things for yourself at some point, and surround yourself with other people who love you. I don’t know what your support network is like, but close friends can be wonderful support, for example.

If you would like to talk some more to unload, vent, etc, you’re most welcome to do so here...it’s a safe and nurturing space...

Kind and caring thoughts,