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Morning I thought I will give this a try

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Hi I been struggling with depression, anxiety and panic attacks for over 25yrs. I with professional help, psychiatrist & psychologist. I have had a lot of trouble with finding medication that works longer then six months, at this stage I had at least 15 different medication changes. I’m married (20yrs) with 3 teenagers, my husband been very supportive and we have tried to teach our kids to understand (I never want them to feel it’s them). Just over the last few months I think I have finally broken my husband and feel he’s having a break down and I have no idea how to support him, he’s always been the strong one and I know I have to carry him for a bit but I’m scared that I’m not strong enough for the both of us. We are talking about doctors appointment. Which is good but feeling very lost

Thanks for taking the time to read

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Hi Skye79

Thanks for posting, we appreciate you being here. I'm sorry to hear that you feel worried about your husband's wellbeing; wanting to take care of our loved ones but not knowing how to can be hard. However, what you feel is valid and you aren't alone in experiencing this. Do you have someone in your personal lives you both can talk too? It's great that you have persisted with getting medication and getting professional help, but sometimes having someone to release emotions too can be helpful too (especially if your husband feels like he has to keep it together). Feel free to use this thread to keep talking and keep us posted as well; we are here to listen.

Sending kindness,


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Thanks Tay100

Its been a hard weekend, his been crying a lot and wanting to sleep which is not like him.
I have let 2 close family members know and they have ask to visit or for us just to go watch a movie, but hubby didn’t want to see anyone.
we just went for a drive today to get out of the house, he didn’t talk much and I didn’t know what was the right thing to say.
when we got home he just said he was going to bed at like 5pm which is definitely not him.
I sat our kids down tonight to talk to them so they didn’t think we were fighting and I wanted them to be aware.
Im ringing doctors tomorrow morning.
But wow I don’t like being on this side it’s very scary and lonely