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Life changes every 5 months and i have no control over it

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Hi my name is Jess and for the past 4 years my life has a dramatic change every 5 months. Before this i was in a stable job, great boyfriend and lots of friends and family. But after my relationship broke down four years I feel like my life will never be stable like it once was. Iam confused thinking how can i help myself as i dont known if i have developed a more severe mental illness from this experience. Iv always suffered with manaic depression and i think its one of the reasons why he told me he didn't want children but he got a girl pregnant after us only separating 5 months. This was four years ago and even though i moved on my life changes dramatically every 5month. I brought a house but lost my job when I bought it so i had roommate which completely stolenfrom me so i kicked them out so i do get house mates but double check them. My life went well for a bit but i travel long distance for work and lost my licence a year ago and had to live with my boss until the suspension was over but as soon as i moved there all my room mates decided to leave all of a sudden and left me with a massive financial burden when i almost lost my house so i rented it out through real Estate agent and that was a waste of time because most of it was spending money on maintenance. While i was renting it out i went from families house to another until the lease was up . I was offered a full time job and back in the house but iam worried something bad is going to happen again and i use to be close to my family but now they dont speak to me because of all the drama. My moods go up and down and i dont know why iv had so much drama all the time is this normal

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hello Jec, I'm sorry about all of this bad luck, and you believe that you may have BPD, this should be confirmed by a doctor and the appropriate medication prescribed.
Now that's out of the way, I believe that if you still live a far distance from work, and secondly if you have to continually do maintenance on the house and you're not someone who can do these repairs then you're not going to get ahead, and I say this because if a house is run down the only way to profit from it is if you are capable of carrying out the work yourself, so personally I would sell it and then begin a new life.
This will be difficult to do if you have the house hanging over your head, and once the gutters for example need to be replaced then so will the fascia boards, the kitchen may need to be updated, new stove, needs painting throughout the house, all of these cost money, so it will be like your dragging the chain.
Sorry I should explain, I used to be a handyman/builder and have owned a few run down houses to do up. Geoff.