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I was being used...

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My "Best friend" had had a fight with her best friend and decided to hang out with me and my friend for the rest of the year! BUT... -------> She and (Her best friend) Tiana made up! I didn't mind at all. Of anything I was glad. But then 😭They wouldnt come near me kept ignoring me and-and.. I heard them talking about me! 😞 Im sure yous dont care but I have to get this out!!!!!!!!!!1

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Cara Jan,

Welcome to Beyond Blue. I am extremely glad that you get this out and we do care.

I am in high school and I understand how and why you feel used. It is a horrible feeling, especially when you don't expect someone, like your best friend to do that.

I had that same thing happening about me last year, I thought I was making a friend but I was wrong. I found out that they had an argument with other friend and then came to me. And the same thing happened they started ignoring me and then saying some things about me. Another time was when my friends would brag about going places and making places about spending time together and intentionally leaving me out. I just stopped talking to them and whenever they did talk to me I wouldn't give much response.

Have you tried talking to them about how you feel?

Or maybe you might want to spend some alone? As it may not let what they say and do impact you. It is not fair that your best friend did that and you did not deserve it. It is a betrayal of trust and using someone for personal gain.

Sorry I know I am not any help.

I am extremely glad that you got this out and didn't conceal your feelings.

I hope you have a good day and things get better,

Warmest wishes,


Community Champion
Community Champion

It sounds like what has happened with them talking about you has made you sad, plus the fact they are ignoring you now.

When do you get to see your friends next?

as for not caring... I have been here for a short while and different people have different things that can negatively affect them. For me it was emails. It does not really matter "what" happens (happened), it is the impact it can have on you.

Anyway I hope you might come back and reply and tell a little more of your story.