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I need my brother to move out

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So my brother moved in to my garage last feb, he was supposed to only live there for 2 months until he got a job, some savings and another place to live. Its been almost a year and he has had no job interviews and wastes his money on junk. Its time for him to move, him living with me could cause issues with the house im planning on building(i wont go into details) and he asks me for money even tho i need that for my house. how do i get him to leave and make sure he doesnt end up on the street? He makes no effort to find a job. I cant keep stressing about this anymore
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Champion Alumni

Hello Kp88, thanks for coming and posting your thread.

I once had a border living with me inside the house, something I didn't want but a 'friend' of my sons, supposedly, but I never trusted him, so I know how you are feeling.

As he doesn't appear to want to get a job and asks you for money needs to stop at once, he's only restricting you to finish work on your house, it's time to go.

He can type this in the browser www.housing.vic.gov.au › public-housing where he can rent a flat with the housing department or he can visit a convenient office and the wait time will determine his circumstances, and because you want him to leave then his priority should be high.

You are able to tell him to leave, either within a time designated by you or sooner rather later as he would be coming into the house to use the facilities.

The intention was good, to begin with, but it seems he's taking advantage of the situation, and if he won't leave, you can tell him you need the garage to store furniture, there are places where he can obtain a cheap flat, you need to look after yourself.

Let us know how you feel.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Kp88

have you spoken to your brother about it?

it sounds as though he needs an ultimatum. Perhaps a calm conversation that outlays everything wrong with the situation. Time for some tough love.

having the conversation and asking him to leave can hurt your relationship, but so can having him stay and you develop a loathing for him...it can happen.


Hi Not_Batman, I agree once again, no matter what decision you make it's probably not going to please him because now he's having an easy existence, while in principle interfering with what you want to do, you are not there to help your brother when he does nothing to improve his own well being.

Whatever he does, you're not going to agree with, take your own life back, you need to look after yourself.