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I feel like nobody in my family likes me.

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My parents are getting a divorce which my mother asked for a year or so ago and after my dad had moved out I don't think me loves me anymore. I saw my friend the other day and she was with me for longer than I had seen my dad in 2 weeks. My brother is overly dramatic and has anger issues and my mum doesn't understand me and I don't feel like I can let her in. I've never felt suicidal but I also don't think things will get better. I see a therapist but she doesn't help much either. In basically just lost and lonely.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Dear Lonelyness,

You're not alone anymore.

You have us now.

You can talk here as much as you like and express your feelings.

Darl I'm sure your dad still loves you, he is going through a lot of stress right now, and adults don't always think straight or do the right thing unfortunately.

Could you tell your dad how youre feeling?

I'm sorry you're going through thus, it must feel scary andstrange.

None of your parent's problems are about you though ok?

Talk here as much as you like, we'll listen.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi lonelyness and welcome to the forums

I myself have been through 2 parent divorces (one with I was 5 and on when I was 15 with my dad and step mum) so I know how tough it can be however it is better them being separated than miserable infront of you.

I myself felt like the second divorse was my fault. I also worried that this caused my dad to maybe not like me as much as my sister. However I have realised this is not the case. I was a child. It was never my fault

It is good that you are seeing a therapist. I found that when I was not making progress for a while so decided to find a new therapist. This happens from time to time. I suggest maybe considering seeing another therapist. If you are between 12-25 you can consider going to headspace. IT is a youth mental health service. google them and see if it is for you. It is a a free service

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi Lonelyness, sorry to hear how you're feeling. Divorces are always very hard to deal with but I want you to know it's not your fault at all. Have you spoken to your Dad about how you're feeling? Often there are lots of complications when parents separate and he may just be trying to find his footing. I'm sure if he knew how you felt he might act differently. Things will get better and they do get better, I promise. Often when people are suicidal they don't actually want their life to end, they just want the suffering to end. It can and it will! As for your therapist, maybe you could tell them that their advice isn't really working for you and you could try a different approach. There's also a lot of free services like Kids Help Line (I used them for years and they were so helpful) or Headspace. Sometimes you do have to shop around so to speak to find a psychologist that you click with. Sending you love.