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How to make new friends. The good and the bad .

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For me I know now that,

I am super sensitive,

Way to forward,

Totally honest.

To tall

To hot for both sexes.

Haven't got a degree.

Oh have a mental health condition.

I get all that now.

I have lost many a long exciting friends and relatives and have no idea other than above. I have now given up on any reconciliation and except those relationships are over.

What I am missing in my life are friends (I do love you all) even just the basic people.

I want the guts good and bad on how to have FRIENDS


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Hi Dory_,

Ah the age old question of how to make friends... I too have lost many friends over time and feel the loneliness a lot these days.

I think one key to retaining good friends is just being yourself with them, if you try to be someone you are not then they see right through it... I have learnt along the way to just do what you love and the right people come along.

I too wish I had the full proof answer for this question.

My best for you,


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Blue Voices Member

HI Dory

You know what I have found out recently. A lot of adults struggle to make friends. It is one of those topics that people don't want to talk about. My housemate and my best friend are in the same boat. We are not originally from Brisbane so it's not like we have many highschool friends up here.

I find one thing that helps you make friends is to open up to new things. When I moved up to QLD I started going to the gym regularly. I kept bumping into this girl at the gym, and we started talking. We then did a workout together. We are now really good friends. I also wanted to start doing triatholons. One of my uni friends introduced me to one of her tri friends she met online. We are now friends to. I also joined a local FB group on fitness and we sometimes have group bike rides. There are also some apps that can help make friends including hey vina.

I find that my anxiety and depression makes me feel poorly about myself. Some days I can only think of the negative traits and why anyone would want to be friends with me. I have to try put them asside when I want to go out and be social. I try think of all my good traits like I am kind, loyal, I am a good listener, funny and my interests are xxx and they have the same interests.

So my take home message is

  • use positive talk with yourself. Remind yourself about all your good traits. Share these with your new friends. (yes you can tell them the other stuff, but I like to only tell it to close friends as I don't want them to be defining points about me)
  • open yourself up to new opportunities. Take up a new sport, going a club (e.g. rotary).

Hope some of these helped. Hey helped me


Thanks guys I am having a think about your replies.

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Blue Voices Member

Hey Dory,

Have you thought of joining a group or hobby club where people have similar interests to you? What about volunteer work?

cmf x