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Friend has labelled me a compulsive liar

Community Member

Hi all new to the forums,

Recently a friend of mine has told me I'm a compulsive liar as I have told some lies recently to remove myself from some situations I find harmful to myself. I have mentioned this several times with said friend but they still persist with trying to get me to go along (which I have a couple of times to placate them). I get so anxious about the situation now it has lead to me lying about other situations as well without even knowing it. Said friend finds out about the other situation and that I've bent the truth around the subject and then confronts me about it.

Which is fair, not dodging that issue, the scary thing for me is I am unable to now tell that I am doing it. My friend is still very supportive of me and has expressed concern about my behaviours and wants me to get better, I have taken the feedback on board, but I am still really finding it hard to change my ways. Am I being too hard on myself (rome wasn't built in a day) or should I be trying harder to placate my friend and make them comfortable?

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Welcome 8ANG9 to the forum.

It can be difficult when one is trying to look sfter ones own needs while at same try, endeavouring to please others.

People often lie to make things better for themselves or to avoid conflict.

Is it possible to remove yourself from a situation with out lying,?

The trouble is sometimes lying seems like a way to avoid a difficult situation when it makes things more complicated? What do you think?

It is helpful you are trying to look after yourself.